29 Feb

More Studies reveal Internet Betting more Popular with Millennials

Studies that revolve around gambling are constantly being conducted by governments, universities, and consultancy firms. Whether it’s related to land-based gambling, online gambling, problem gambling or aged-based preferences, information is always being pumped into society. The latest study reaffirms the theory that younger ‘millennials’ prefer to gamble over the internet, while older adults enjoy something more concrete.

The study was conducted by Swedish firm MediaVision, which surveyed adults in Sweden between the ages of 18 and 74.

You can read the results of the live vs online betting study here, but be warned, the article is written in Swedish. Google Translator is recommended.

Research Study shows Young Adults prefer Online BettingAs it turns out, the country has a relatively high population of gamblers, with more than 4 out of every 10 surveyed claiming to risk real money on some type of wager at least once a month.

The way in which Swedes gamble is clearly diversified based on the age of the individual.

Those between the ages of 36 and 74 actually gamble more often, and for higher amounts of money. The study concluded that nearly 50% of older adults gamble on a monthly basis or more. The most popular gambling amusements in this age range were lotteries and travspel, (i.e. betting on the horses at the track).

As for younger adults aged 18-35, only about 1 in 3 of them play games for money, and they tend to be more cautious with their spending. However, lotteries and live horse races aren’t nearly as appealing. Younger adults who participated in the survey prefer to do the majority (if not all) of their wagering over the internet.

MediaVision found that 18-35 year old gamblers were drawn to online betting sites where they can play casino games, poker and bet on sports electronically. The most popular gambling sites named were UK-based Bet365 and Malta-based Unibet, both of which strictly provide wagers over the internet (no retail shops).

Warning for Swedish Online Betting Sites

The study warns Swedish-based betting groups that their advertising efforts are not nearly as effective as those coming from internationally owned, online operators. The market has clearly become more polarized, especially where millennials are concerned.

Then again, since age 36+ gamblers are doing the majority of the betting, local gambling businesses aren’t losing out too much – at least, not yet.

Operators like Svea Casino, a Swedish-based online betting site that offers all manner of casino gaming, could certainly be doing more to ramp up their promotional efforts and draw the abundance of Swedish clients to the service.

It’s not yet certain what international websites have to offer that Swedish operations do not. Svea Casino integrates multiple software platforms from major brands like BetSoft, Microgaming, NetEnt and NextGen, supplying an immense range of wagering opportunities on classic and progressive slot machines, blackjack, roulette, live dealer games and more.

As part of the European Union, Sweden complies with the same regulations set forth by the European Commission as the UK and other EU members, thus foreign competition cannot be blocked by Swedish officials. If the nation wants to continue competing in this highly aggressive industry, they will have to find a way to draw their own gambling community back into the fold of home-based operators.