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Mac Pokies is run by gamblers, all of which own a Mac. The sites that we advertise are also the sites that we play on ourselves, and we wouldn’t recommend a site that we wouldn’t frequent. We created this site after being frustrated with the content out there; we struggled to find poker sites that catered both for the Australian market, and for the Mac user; we’d had enough of disingenuous “review” sites that were little more than affiliates in disguise. We wanted honesty; we wanted comprehensive reviews that weren’t afraid to tell the truth, written by people who had actually played on the sites they were reviewing. When we didn’t find any of these sites ourselves, we decided to create one, and Mac Pokies was born.

Mac users have been in the shadows for a long time when it comes to gambling, as there simply hasn’t been much out there. The ignorance of the gambling software developers has always been evident, and even today, with more than 13% of the Australian continent using a Mac to surf the internet, some gambling sites still do not cater for Mac users. Poker, for example, is dominated by big networks, with many websites acting as franchisees. The iPoker network is one of the biggest of these, and its lack of compatibility for Mac means that Mac users are unable to play in poker rooms on sites such as BetFair, Dafabet, Bet365 and many more. And these aren’t small sites, in fact these are three of the biggest around!

Luckily, there were those who saw this as an opportunity, and when iPoker was turning a blind eye to Mac users and seeing their numbers drop, Pokerstars was embracing them and seeing their numbers increase. This happens across the board, but luckily the major casino networks, such as Playtech and Microgaming, do cater for Mac users, which means that the sites that use these networks don’t need to go out of their way to accommodate them.

As frustrated Mac users ourselves we are tired of people telling us to download Windows, to install it on another computer or on a partitioned drive; yes we would be able to play everywhere, but at what cost? Not only would we waste our time and our money, but by not making a stand and joining these sites anyway, we’re telling them that they don’t need to change, that they don’t need to go out of their way to embrace Mac users, because those users will go out of their way to be embraced.

We need to vote in numbers, and a vote in this sense means not using Windows, not using partitioned drives and not going out of our way to accommodate developers who didn’t think of us in the first place. Mac gaming and Mac gambling is bigger now than it ever was, and that’s because Mac users were loyal to the developers that catered to them, and therefore attracted other developers keen to take their fair share. If we continue being loyal and if we continue to stick to the sites listed on this website, then our voices will be heard and developers everywhere will be forced to make software that is compatible with Macs in order to compete in the marketplace.

The websites listed here are all open to Mac OS X or iOS users. We affiliate with many of these websites and we’re happy to be upfront about that, but we only do it to keep this site ticking over. We always make sure that we play and enjoy the sites that we affiliate with before we apply. We typically play on these sites for several hours at least, giving everything a good once-over so that we can provide an honest and comprehensive review for our readers. When it comes to the published content, we tend to stick to the sites that we like, ignoring the ones we didn’t enjoy and not giving them a mention on the site, but from time to time we will also include reviews for the sites we think you should avoid.

We don’t just focus on the Macs either, and we also have plenty of reviews concerning iPads and iPhones, sticking with the Apple theme. Mobile gaming is huge, and we enjoy it as much as the next person, so this is an area in which we have devoted a great deal of our time to recently. If you’re interested in mobile gaming, if you own a Mac and want to know what casinos you can play on, or if you’re from Australia or New Zealand and are looking for the best online casinos out there, then you’re welcome to browse through our site, where you will find all the information you need.

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