5 Jul

Complete Guide to Poli Deposit Casinos Australia

Discover why so many internet gambling enthusiasts are impressed with POLi deposit casinos. Australia players never had it so easy!

POLi Deposit Casinos AustraliaOne of the primary concerns for internet gambling enthusiasts is transferring money across the invisible realm of cyberspace. If prying eyes are able to observe any of the sensitive information being delivered, the results could be disastrous!

With POLi deposit casinos Australia players have ultimate peace of mind, knowing their deposits are 100% safe, secure, and impenetrable. As an AU-based deposit method, POLi Internet Banking accentuates all the positives of the online payment processing industry, while alleviating all the negatives associated with sharing personal and financial information over a foreign website.

What is POLi Internet Banking?

POLi is arguably the most unique payment method ever devised. It is, essentially, a proxy between internet banking services and online merchants. POLi acts as an intermediary between a number of Australia’s largest banking institutions.

Can I Really Trust POLi?

If you trust online banking, you can trust POLi. I’d be willing to bet each one of you reading this has used online banking before. Whether you check your bank statements online, transfer money from one account to another, pay the mortgage, or pay bills online, you’re using internet banking.

By choosing POLi deposit casinos Australia players can select their bank of choice, log into their online banking account directly on the bank’s secure website, and confirm the payment. Thus, when depositing, there’s no need to share any personal or financial information with the casino website.

You won’t need to register an account with POLi, either. As I said, it’s just an intermediary; a proxy between the online casino and bank. Imagine drinking a glass of water from a straw. POLi is the straw that gets the water (the money) into your mouth (the casino).

POLi Deposit Casinos Australia – Pros

There are many advantages to playing at POLi deposit casinos. Australia players can use this free service anytime, anywhere. So long you have a bank account with one of POLi’s associated financial institutions, you’re eligible to deposit with POLi.

There is no registration required. When you choose POLi as your deposit method, you’ll only spend a moment on the POLi website—just long enough to choose your bank. No login or password is required until you’re redirected to your bank’s online website.

POLi eliminates the need for credit cards, and potentially expensive credit card fees. As with traditional bank transfers, it’s free, the deposit is instant, and it’s doubly-secure because you’re not entering your bank account info on the casino website.

It’s also worth noting that POLi can be used for a lot more than online casino payments. It’s a viable payment method at countless online merchants, like Quantas, WorldMerit, Jetstar, Virgin Australia, Emirates, Victoria’s Secret and many more.

POLi Deposit Casinos Australia – Cons

There are only three potential negatives to using POLi casino deposits. If yo live in Australia or New Zealand, this first one won’t apply to you anyone. POLi is available to residents of Australia and New Zealand only.

Secondly, not all banks are associated with POLi Internet Banking (see below). And lastly, POLi is not a viable withdrawal option. It can only be used for deposits. Players will need to select a different payment method to retrieve their winnings.

POLi Associated Banks

POLi Banks In Australia

ANZ IMB Building Society
Bank of Melbourne ING Direct
Bankwest Newcastle Permanent
Bendigo Bank St. George Bank
Citibank Suncorp
Commonwealth Bank Westpac

POLi Banks in New Zealand

ANZ Kiwi Bank
BankDirect Westpac
Bank of New Zealand

How To Use POLi Casino Deposits

The first step is to find a reputable online casino that offers POLi deposits. Royal Vegas Casino is a good one, but feel free to shop around. Just make sure it has a long-standing reputation for honesty and integrity before you sign-up (and that POLi is accepted, of course).

Once you’ve registered an account with the casino, head over to the Banking section. Choose to make a deposit, and select POLi from the available payment methods.

You will first be redirected to the POLi Payments website, https://www.polipayments.com. Note the “https” at the start of the URL. This means it’s certified 100% secure. You won’t need to login here, though.

On the POLi website, you’ll be provided a list of all associated banks. Click the bank you have an account with, and you’ll be redirected to that institution’s online banking website. If you don’t have an online account with your bank, register one now. Log into the banking account, and you will be asked to confirm the deposit.

That’s it. The funds will be credits to your casino account within a few moments, making POLi deposit casinos Australia’s easiest and safest way to transfer money online.