About Us

For those not in the know, a “Pokie” is an Australian word used to describe a slot machine. It stems from the video poker machines, which have been popular here for many decades, but it is generally used to describe any sort of slot machine, from the simple three-reel fruit machines of old, to the modern games with their advanced graphics, bonus rounds and progressive jackpots. These are known by many names, from FOBTs to One-Armed Bandits, and although these have always been a staple in casinos, pubs and clubs from the United Kingdom to Australia, in the last few ten years or so the market has changed dramatically. This is an area that we have always been interested in, and one that we we pay very close attention to.

We concentrate on the Australian and New Zealand market, as pokies are a part of the culture here. Everyone knows what they are and everyone has played them at one time or another. In fact, 8 of of 10 Aussies play them on a regular basis, a number that simply isn’t seen anywhere else in the world, concerning any form of gambling. We do concentrate on the sites that are available to players in Australia and New Zealand, but these sites also tend to accept users from all over the world, which means that this site and the articles within is accessible to all.

Macs and More

Apple, and the Mac in particular, has always had a somewhat complicated relationship with the gaming community. It’s fair to say that it hasn’t always embraced games, and that gamers haven’t always embraced Macs, but times seem to be changing.

The first Mac came with a series of games bundled in, and although these were impressive at the time, they weren’t the things that attracted buyers to the machines. They wanted a computer that outperformed others on the market, a computer that aided programmers and creative types, and they didn’t really care about playing a 2D Alice in Wonderland spin-off.

Game developers picked sides, and Windows usually won, leaving Macs in the dark where games were concerned. One of the few developers that did side with Mac was Bungie, best known as the creators of Halo, but their allegiance didn’t last very long and didn’t result in many games. In the early days Mac users had to rely on conversion companies that would license a Windows game and then make it compatible with Mac, but only a small percentage of games were licensed in such a way as they didn’t believe the cost and effort justified the demand.

The limited demand for Macs with games continued even after the release of the first iMac — a colourful all-in-one that kickstarted the artistic revolution at Apple — and didn’t change until the MacBook was launched nearly a decade later. This powerful and sleek laptop began what were the golden years for Apple, and this was when software developers took notice.

Mac was stronger than it had ever been, and in 2010 it peaked. This was the year that Steam was launched on Mac, giving gamers a chance to vote with their wallets. It showed developers that not only was there a market for Mac games, but there was a simple platform through which they could sell them.

iOS also helped with the rise of the Mac as a gaming machine, because as people began to play more games on their tablets and smartphones, developers began to cater exclusively for them and as soon as their products were launched on the mobile App Store, the original App Store was the next logical step. This coincided with the revolution in online gambling, and that’s what we’re here to discuss.

This is a site for Apple lovers and for gamblers. Whether it’s mobile gambling through the iPad or iPhone, or through MacBooks and iMacs, we will look to cover it here. The Apple community and the online gambling community are growing exponentially, and we’re proud to be a part of that growth and to assist it as best we can.

Our Goal

Mac Pokies is a simple site with a simple goal, and that is to create a base where all Mac users and Pokie fans can find the sites that suit them best. This is a content-heavy site that looks at all of the online casinos that can be played on a Mac — with an emphasis on those that offer the best and the most variety of Pokies —and lets you know which are the best and the worst ones.

We are affiliated with many of the websites that we link to, but we’re by no means biased in choosing to link to them. In fact, we only affiliate with sites that we use ourselves, sites that we know are genuine and do exactly what they promise to do. As Mac users and gamblers, we’re directly involved with this market, making this a project that is very close to our hearts. We pride ourselves on honesty and dedication, and on separating ourselves from the bland and generic affiliate sites out there that publish repetitive, poor quality articles, praising sites that don’t deserve to be praised just so they can earn a few dollars. We have been on the receiving end of these sites ourselves, which is why we created MacPokies.com.au; we were fed up of the nonsense, sick and tired of searching for genuine reviews and ending up with websites that looked exactly the same, and with content that was written in exactly the same way; we were fed up with being lied to, with having the truth glossed over and with seeing the worst sites ascending to the top of “top 10” lists purely because they were offering the best leads or PPCs.

This is by no means an automated site, and we don’t use any writing software. When we don’t write the content ourselves we make sure it is written by quality writers who understand this industry and enjoy pokies as much as we do. MacPokies.com.au is our way of fighting back. We’re not breaking any ground here, we don’t claim to be original, we’re just following through with that we promise, doing exactly what so many sites out there claim to do, but never actually commit to. We’re an honest review site, with genuine content written by people who actually have an interest in playing pokies on a Mac. We’re also not biased, and as long as you own a Mac and share in our love for slot machines, then you’re welcome here.

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