30 May

Vinyl Countdown Online Pokies Review

Vinyl Countdown Online Pokies ReviewMicrogaming is making the retro reels go round in Vinyl Countdown Pokies. This 5 reel, 9 line casino game takes players back in time to… well, we’re not sure which generation they were going for. But it’s definitely an old-school timeline!

In our Vinyl Countdown online pokies review, we’ll take a look at this game’s mish-mash of retro symbols and features. One thing’s for sure – if you like dancing and have a sweet tooth, this poker machine’s verall theme is sure to pique your interest.

Vinyl Countdown Online Pokies Review – Outside

First things first, the era and overall theme Microgaming was going for in Vinyl Countdown Pokies is uncertain. The majority of the game’s images point to the 1950’s. There are albums with Elvis-hair rock stars, girls with pony-tails and neck-high dresses, saddle shoes, swing dancers and malted milk shakes.

Vinyl Countdown Online Pokies Review Symbols

The disco ball icon just doesn’t fit, being wholly associated with the 1970’s. And what’s with all the dessert foods as low-paying symbols, like milk shakes, cakes, banana splits, and other frozen treats? Who could possibly dance after eating all that?

Although the symbolism is confusing, the graphics are nicely done. There’s no background music unless you hit a winning combo and the sound effects get annoying fast, which is odd for what’s supposed to be a musically themed online pokies game.

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Vinyl Countdown Online Pokies Review – Inside

So far, the theme doesn’t fit, and you’ll probably want to turn the sound effects off, but let’s see what features Vinyl Countdown Pokies has under the hood.

Features… wait, where’s the features? We have a Disco Ball for a Scatter symbol, but there are no free spins to be triggered for three or more. Instead, you’ll just earn some Scatter Pays of 10x for 3, 50x for 4, and 100x for 5. There’s not even a Scatter Pay for getting 2 of them, and the 5 doesn’t pay very well. Hmm, that’s disappointing.

How about the Jukebox Wild? It substitutes for all other symbols except scatters, but doesn’t multiply anything. It doesn’t trigger anything. It doesn’t even have a payout for getting 3, 4 or 5 on a line.

The Vinyl Countdown Logo is nothing special either, aside from being the highest paying symbol with a 1000x payout for 5 on a line.

Vinyl Countdown Pokies Disappoints Inside and Out

For a 9-line poker machine, the paytable should be a lot more appealing. Instead, we get 1000x for 5 logos, 900x for the guy who stole Elvis’s hairstyle, 700x for the 50’s gal, and so forth.

Vinyl countdown Online Pokies Review - PaytableMaybe if the wins came more often, it would be somewhat entertaining, but they don’t. I wasted 100 spins on this game and never hit anything better than 4 saddle shoes (30x).

After that I switched over the free play mode, thinking maybe I’d just had an unlucky run. (That and I didn’t want to lose more money.) Sadly, even in free play, the pays failed to pick up. I feel like this is one of those games Microgaming threw together just to increase its numbers.

Vinyl Countdown is not interesting, it doesn’t have any special features or a lucrative pay table, and it gets boring way too fast. Obviously, I can’t recommend it.