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  1. A) General Information

The Mac Pokies website was created to benefit those that wish to play pokies on their Macs, with an emphasis on those players that reside in Australia and New Zealand. At no point will Mac Pokies ask for any personal data, but our affiliates may do, in which case Mac Pokies accept zero liability for the exchange and the use of this information.

Mac Pokies strive to ensure that all of the information contained within this website is accurate and up to date, but should that not be the case for whatever reason, then we will not be held responsible. The Mac Pokies websites focuses on gambling, and anyone visiting this website and reading the information cited within is asked to understand that there is a risk involved with all gambling, and that Mac Pokies will not be held liable for any responsible adult that chooses to gamble on one of more of the sites linked here, and loses money as a result.

  1. B) Privacy

If Mac Pokies requests your information at any point, whether for a future competition or through a contact or comment form, then that information will be kept safe and secure at all times, and it will not be used for any advertising or marketing purposes, nor will it be passed on to any third party. Mac Pokies is an informational site, so there will be very few occasions, if any, when it needs to request any of your details.

For more details on Mac Pokies and your privacy, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

  1. C) Copyrights

All of the material contained within the Mac Pokies website is unique, and anyone who wishes to use any of the content must first ask the owners of the website. Prior to any permission, users can assume that the following actions are all prohibited, and may result in Mac Pokies taking legal action:

1: Manipulating, editing or copying any of the logos or other original images contained within the Mac Pokies website.

2: Using any of the written content, including, but not limited to, partial use and quotes.

3: Rebranding and/or offering any of the information on this website for sale, including images and written content.

Any outside content that we use ourself, such as images, either comes from the public domain, or has been copied with the express permission of the owner. The written content on the site is entirely of our own creation.

  1. D) Cost

Mac Pokies is a free website. It makes money through affiliate links, and therefore no charge is required for its services, and at no point will you be asked for any money. The sites that Mac Pokies link to may require payments and/or deposits to use their services or acquire their products, but we have no connection to the services and/or products that these websites offer, and we accept no responsibility for any issues that arise out of a transaction between them and our readers.

  1. E) Changes

Should our polices change at any time, then we are within our rights to change this page to match those new polices. By then using our website you are automatically agreeing to those changes, whatever they may be. If those changes effect the readers of this website then we will do our best to inform them beforehand, but no such effort will be made when the changes are minimal.

  1. F) Responsibility and Risk

This website should only be used by responsible adults who we stress should understand that all gambling comes with a significant element of risk. Although we recommend some websites and some games, we are by no means condoning the excessive use of these, and will not be held responsible for such misuse.

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