13 Jul

Casinos that Accept Amex in AU 2017

American Express was once the king of credit cards, even in Australia. But are there any casinos that accept Amex in AU 2017?

Casinos that Accept Amex in AU 2017There was a time when whipping out an American Express card brought a sense of pride, confidence, and sophistication. Should that card be tinted Gold, or better yet, Platinum, it marked you an upper echelon of society. Now days, though, it can trigger a whole new set of emotions, like doubt, apprehension and fear of rejection.

All over the world, the acceptance rate for Amex is down. Of the four big credit card companies—Amex, Discover, MasterCard and Visa—Amex now ranks dead last in the number of charge cards issued to customers, with Visa being the current king of the credit card hill.

According to its website, Visa has 2.5 billion cards in circulation all over the world. American Express touts a much lower figure of 109.9 million charge cards. But there’s one area where Amex leads the credit card market share by leaps and bounds, and that’s purchase volume per card holder.

In terms of purchase volume—the average amount spent by consumers—Amex users boasted an average annual spend on $17,216 in 2016. That’s over 3x more than Visa card holders, more than 4x that of MasterCard customers, and 6x that of Discover users.

Amex In Australia

Despite its regionally-sequestered name, American Express is a major credit card issuer in Australia. Some of the country’s largest banks, including Commonwealth Bank, NAB and Westpac, issue Amex cards to their customers via the company’s Global Service Network.

However, following years of dedicated service, ANZ, the fourth largest bank in Australia, is cutting ties with American Express. In March 2017, ANZ announced it will no longer issue Amex cards. Up until now, the bank supported both Amex and Visa distribution. Support for Amex will be phased out entirely by August 5, 2017, converting to a Visa-only credit line for ANZ customers.

Credit Card Online Casino Deposits

Fewer Casinos that Accept Amex in AU 2017As any avid traveler of the global interactive gambling community can probably tell you, Visa is an accepted form of payment at just about every online casino in existence. MasterCard boasts similar recognition. But we can’t say the same for casinos that accept Amex in AU.

In the early 2000’s, all four of the big credit card companies had their logos plastered across the majority of internet gambling websites. With so many changes in regulatory regimes and legal landscapes across the world, both Amex and Discover have all-but vanished from the iGaming market place.

How Many Casinos that Accept Amex in AU 2017?

In the grand scheme of things, the internet is teeming with 3,739 (known) online gambling websites. As of mid-2017, only 2.6% of them are online casinos that accept Amex in AU. Do the math, and you’ll find that comes to just under 100.

But there’s no need to be pessimistic about this. There are around 100 casinos that accept Amex in AU. Percentage wise, it’s a low number, but 100 is more than enough to give Australian punters a wide range of options.

However, this does not mean that online punters would do well to register with the first Amex/AU operator they come across.

Choose Your Amex Operator Wisely

Unfortunately, the vast majority of casinos that accept Amex in AU 2017 are not regulated in respectable jurisdictions. I’m not speaking of the reputation of individual operators, but rather the authoritative body that oversees business practices.

There are two primary jurisdictions that fail to uphold the highest standards in the online gambling industry—Costa Rica and Curacao. All it takes to obtain a licence from these so-called authoritative bodies is payment of the respective fee, and a commitment not to accept players from that location. There’s very little in the way of enforced regulatory compliance.

In contrast, regulatory authorities in places like the United Kingdom (UK), Malta, Gibraltar, and Kahnawake (Canada), enforce very strict regulatory guidelines and consumer protections. If something goes wrong, a player has the assurance of knowing the regulatory body will accept and handle complaints in an appropriate and timely manner. No such assurances are offered by the governments of Costa Rica or Curacao.

Please don’t misunderstand. There are many perfectly reputable casino operators licenced in those locations. But due to the lack of standardization, I simply cannot recommend then in good faith.

With that said, the following is an alphabetical list of known casinos that accept Amex in AU 2017, and are licenced by regulators that promote utmost responsibility. It’s worth noting that there are only 13 of them; 0.35% of the known global iGaming market:

Amex / AU Casino Regulator
Casino La Vida Malta
Chomp Casino Gibraltar, UK
Club World Casinos Kahnawake
Ignition Casino Kahnawake
Intertops Casino Red Kahnawake
Intertops Mobile Casino Red Kahnawake
mFortune Online Casino UK
PocketWin UK
Pots of Luck Gibraltar, UK
Sapphire Rooms Gibraltar, UK
Sunmaker Gibraltar, UK
Touch Mobile Casino Gibraltar, UK
Winzino Gibraltar, UK