4 Feb

Smartwatch Pokies: Pokies for Smart Watches in 2015?

The latest and greatest buzz in the technology sector in 2015 has been centered around connectivity and the Internet of Things (IoT), with smart watches and smart wristbands at the forefront. Hardware makers are looking for new devices to spur product growth from 2015 onwards and software developers are looking to develop a variety of programs ranging from Apps and services that will help them spur growth as well as provide extended value in the overall wearables segment.


Wearables such as smart watches represent extended choices for consumers who look to access a variety of features, including music and games. For many people having a smartphone in their pocket or bag is enough but for some who would rather have additional choices for accessing information and relying less on a phone, smart watches will be the new trend in 2015 when shipments of certain devices such as Apple’s Apple are expected to reach 80 million.


One of the biggest sectors smart watches will tackle is the fitness industry. Most people who workout already know that having a device in one’s pocket during workouts is aggravating as it bounces around in your shorts/pants and often falls out. This is particularly frustrating for people who engage in cardio exercises, which is why so many people alternatively put their phones down somewhere else or strap them to their arms.


The smart watch in this type of scenario will prove to be highly beneficial as you will be able to access everything else you normally do but instead on your wrist. Smart watches will come equipped with software such as iOS that connects to other smart devices and will also have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions for connecting to the internet. People who often miss phone calls as a result of having their phones in their bags or in their pockets while its noisy will also find that having a smart watch will help them see when an incoming call or email arrives.


Another industry that has just begun to discuss the possibility of wearable opportunities is the gaming industry. Although smart watch screens may be too small for engaging in fast-pace, high-intensive shootout games where the player also needs a controller, they may prove to be beneficial for those looking to make quick bets on the go.


Gamblers who want their latest sports updates can quickly do so by looking at their watches and appear as if they are occupied with something else such as the time when in the office. Holding a smartphone in one’s hand and keeping busy on its looks unprofessional in the office setting but watches are considered more elegant and are not associated with keeping connected to the online world. If not in the office setting, having quicker access to one’s standings and rankings with the option to place bets with the flick of a watch button could prove to be the latest and greatest for the industry when time and money are of the essence.


Pokie players could also benefit from such devices as they aim to pass the time while commuting. For car drivers, using a smartphone inappropriately could prove to be dangerous and distracting but casually occupying one’s watch to make any spins or bets could prove to be harmless and more convenient given the right circumstances. Accessing one’s pokies account from another device could also increase your chances of winning, as speculated by many players in the industry.


Throughout 2015 make sure to keep an eye on software developments for pokies and slots from providers such as Royal Vegas and Platinum Play. As the two major pokie providers in Australia and NZ, they update their platforms with the latest games and also make sure to provide updated software for mobile devices that is safe and secure. Hence, it is only likely that related software for smart watches appear in 2015 and furthermore in 2016 as the wearables field unfolds and smart watches continue to grow.