15 Jan

History and Development of Pokies in Port Hedland

With just 20.000 inhabitants, Port Hedland is far from a big city, yet this small part of Australia produces over $4 billion worth of GDP and is also home to 70 different nationalities and cultures, which is impressive to say the least. With so many nationalities in such a hardworking town, they need something to bring them together, and in Port Hedland that thing is gambling.

Today one of the most popular destinations for gambling in Port Hedland is the Port Hedland Turf Club, which showcases some of the best horse racing in Western Australia, with trackside betting available.

Pokies are where the action tends to be in Australia, but when it comes to Port Hedland, and to Western Australia on the whole, these are noticeably absent. To many, Western Australia is known as the, “No-Pokie State” due to the fact that there are none of these machines in pubs and clubs. In fact, there are very few gaming machines anywhere in Western Australia, and none of them are in Port Hedland.

In Perth, you can find them in the Crown Casino, which has hundreds of pokies and also has stacks of other games, but they are not available anywhere else in the state. This is very surprising when you consider that in New South Wales, these machines are located in many pubs and clubs, earning around $400 million a year, all of which is taxable. It is also surprising when you consider just how much Australians love their pokies. Australians gamble more than any other nation and the vast majority of that gambling is on gaming machines. That obviously creates a lot of problem in regards to gambling addiction and that seems to be enough of a reason for the authorities in Western Australia to ensure that these machines are not allowed in the state.

For many years it has been recognised that pokies are more addictive than any other form of gambling and that they therefore cause more problems than any other form of gambling. Campaigners against these machines in other states see Western Australia as a shining example of the way it should be, whilst pokie fans do their best to stay out of the state so that they can regularly get their much needed fix.

Still, it’s not all about pokies and as experienced gamblers will attest, with these machines you have a very low chance of winning. In fact, the official house edge is higher for pokies than for any other form of gambling. When it comes to gambling in this small town, horse racing, and the Port Hedland Turf Club, is really the only way to go.

There is plenty for everyone at this top horse racing destination, and that includes Royal Ascot favourites such as Ladies Day, where females rule the race course for the day. As well as special offers on drinks and food, there are also “best dressed” competitions, and females often gain access to the park for free. This event is held in the middle of July, and as far as attire goes, it’s always best to err on the side of formal, whilst bearing in mind that on Ladies Day you are free to be as over the top as you want, just as long as you’re female.

Try to avoid the stands when you’re at the race course, and make sure you get a good position up against the rails, preferably near the parade ring. This allows you to see the horses as they come out of the stalls and are paraded in front of the spectators. If you get a good position then you will be able to spot the best, strongest and fittest horse. And remember these are animals, not machines, so they have good days and bad days like all other animals. You might see a horse with its head down, looking sullen and bored, you might see one that’s getting antsy, kicking out and shaking its head, and you might see one with its ears up, its head straight and its attention clearly focused on the upcoming race. If you want to think and bet like a pro, then a spot by the parade ring is usually the place to be, and the Port Hedland Turf Club is no different.

When you have chosen your horse then make sure you don’t head for the first bookmaker you see. Have a walk around, try and find the best deals. If you treat it like a shopping trip then you could end up with way better odds, which will give you a thicker wallet by the end of the day.