26 Dec

Play Pokies on a MacBook Air: Review

As its name suggests, the MacBook Air is much more lightweight than its counterpart, the MacBook Pro, and that makes it significantly more mobile. Most MacBook Pro owners take their MacBooks with them wherever they go, but with a MacBook Air it becomes so much easier. Of course, you can also take an iPad with you wherever you go, but a MackBook Air is far superior than an iPad in many ways, with a new MacBook Air release often 100% quicker than a new iPad release. Although the two are roughly the same weight, and therefore share an equal amount of mobility, the MacBook Air is the better choice regardless of what you need a computer for.

The 13 inch MacBook Air is less than 3 pounds, that’s roughly the weight of three footballs, three packs of bacon, a steam iron, and it is less — nearly half as much — than a typical two-liter bottle of pop. This means that wherever you go, you really have no excuse not to take your MacBook Air with you, and whether you’re on the train, plane or even in the car (providing you’re not driving) then you can play some pokies on the go. You will of course need a Wi-Fi connection to do that, but if you can’t get one on public transport (there is often internet access on trains), then you can simply pick up a Wi-Fi dongle.

The MacBook Air also has some of the longest battery life of any laptop you will find. Apple promise that users will get up to 12 hours of iTunes playback, which is not too different from the processing power used by a standard online casino. A conservative estimate means that you should be able to get at least 8 hours of casino play from a full charge, and if you plan on traveling or staying away from your charger for longer than that, then you can always pick up a mobile charger.

Just because the MacBook Air is light and has a good battery doesn’t mean it sacrifices on quality, and all new MacBook Airs are contain the latest and greatest technology, with more than enough processing power needed to run even the most power hungry of online casino software.

If you are worried about compatibility — which many non-Windows users are — then there’s no need. These days there are more Mac users than ever before, with products such as the iPad and iPhone thrusting Apple into the spotlight and making them one of the most sought-after companies in the world. All Macs come with free updates of the latest operating system upgrades and fixes, which ensures that you stay in touch with the most recent developments.

There are sites that still don’t cater for Macs. Betfair, for instance — which is the biggest betting exchange in the world and also has a sports book, casino and poker room — doesn’t cater for Mac users outside of their main website. They don’t even allow browser-play so that Mac and Linux users can play their software through their web browsers. Luckily though, not everyone is as behind the times as Betfair are.

Sites like Royal Vegas Casino, for instance, cater for users of all operating systems. Not only do they allow their software to be downloaded onto Macs and Windows’ computers, but they also have a mobile app that works across all smartphone and tablet platforms. They also have a browser play option, which means that even Linux and Unix users can play through their hundreds of slot machines and table games.

It’s not just Royal Vegas that has embraced all formats either, because Platinum Play and Euro Palace have also opened their doors to anyone with the desire to play the latest pokies, regardless of what OS they use. These three casinos are all owned by the same company, one that has gone out of its way to embrace all new technologies and to make sure that it caters for everyone and doesn’t leave anyone behind.