19 May

Spin to Win your Lions Share: Pokies Review

Lions Share Pokies ReviewThe creative development team at the world’s oldest and most distinguished casino slots studio, Microgaming, believes everyone deserves a Lions Share. The company released its Lions Share Pokies in May of 2006, making it a genuinely classic” 3 reel game.

Lions Share’s star character is, of course, the Lion. And if you’ve spent any time playing progressive slots online, you’ll probably notice a keen resemblance to another very famous lion, appearing in Microgaming’s celebrated ‘millionaire maker’, Mega Moolah.

I’ve played this classic 3 reel game many times over the years, and I may not be not rich (yet – think positive my friends!), it definitely has its perks. While it lacks all the bells and whistles (i.e. bonus features) of today’s more popular 5-reel pokies, it pays better than you might think – at least in my experience.

Scroll down below the following Lions Share Pokies Review to find out my main reason for playing the classic 3 reel spinner.

Lions Share Pokies Review

Lions Share Pokies Review - PaytableBeing a classic 3 reel pokies game, there’s isn’t a whole lot to talk about here. It has 3 reels, of course, and only a single payline. Players can choose to bet 1, 2 or 3 coins, with a bet range of $0.25 to $15 per coin ($0.75 to $45 at 3 coins).

Unlike many of today’s Microgaming pokies, Lions Share has a pretty generous pay table, scaling from 3x to 8000x for a 3-coin bet. The symbols include the Lion, Gold Coins, Single-, Double- and Triple-Bars, and Cherries.

The Lion is Wild, replacing any other symbol in the game, and comes with a nice multiplier too. If 1 Lion appears in a winning combination, it doubles the payout with a 2x multiplier. A win made up of 2 Lions increases the payout with a 4x multiplier. Best of all, lining up 3 Lions pays 2000x for 1 coin, 4000x to 2 coins, and 8000x (an extra 33% ) for 3 coins.

Lions Share Pokies Review – Why I Play

Like most classic 3 reel slots, you can’t expect a low variance here. You’re not going to win all that often, plain and simple. However, when you do win, the payouts can be quite generous. In my experience, I’d call this a medium- to high-variance game.

So to answer the question of why I play it, there’s a very simple reason. It’s not that I always win, although I have hit some very nice pays lining up 3 Coins on two occasions, and Bars with a Lion Wild quite a few times. The reason I play it so much is because it’s a great option for clearing those pesky wagering requirements!

Whenever I claim a bonus, I play Lions Share Pokies for 1 coin at the lowest $0.25. This game seems to keep my bonus bankroll going longer than any other I’ve tried. Late last year, I played through the full WR on a $100 bonus, only losing $57 of it along the way. That was a free $43 in my pocket. Cha-Ching!

It doesn’t always work out, but if you’re looking to play-through WR at a Microgaming casino, I’d definitely recommend spending those bonus credits on Lions Share Pokies. Best of luck!