5 Jan

Fast Payout Pokies in Australia: Review

One of the many benefits of pokies is that winnings are paid out instantly, as has been the case since the first pokie was invented at the turn of the twentieth century. For many years these machines worked on a system of gears and cogs, and they paid-out a jackpot when three levers aligned into three slots inside the machine, which is why they are called “Slot Machines” in most parts of the world. This jackpot was released straight away, usually in the form of small denomination coins that fell into a tray.

There was little wrong with this system and if not for a man named Tommy Carmichael, it might have continued to operate like that. Tommy began life as a TV repair man but he was attracted by the bright lights of Las Vegas, where he used to cheat slot machines with what was known as a “top-bottom joint”. This was an incredibly basic tool, but with it Tommy and others were able to scam the machines for a lot of money. Tommy was caught, imprisoned and the top-bottom joint was rendered obsolete by new upgrades, but as soon as Tommy was released, he invented a few tools of his own.

In a game of cat and mouse, with Tommy fighting with the casinos, it seemed like the only way the casinos could win, or at least keep a close eye on the cheats, was by introducing ticket machines, also known as TITO, or Ticket-in, Ticket-out machines. These did away with the instantly dispensed coins, and instead players were given a ticket, which they could then cash in, much like a betting slip. This heralded in a new age of slot machines, a slower, much more tedious age, and one that didn’t change until the invention of online slots forced them to.

In the online world, these tickets were just as useless as Tommy Carmichael and other legendary cheats like him. Online players do not have to worry about slow payouts and more often than not they have their winnings within a few days of withdrawing them. All online slots pay-out instantly, with the money being moved to the player’s online account, before it is then directed to their bank account, E-Wallet, PayPal, etc,. One of the things that can slow this process down is deposit bonuses, as these need to be “played-through” before the player can deposit anything. This means that if a player wins big with their deposit bonus, they may need to risk half (or all) of it before the casino will let them cash out. Effectively this stops people from taking the bonus and then immediately withdrawing, cashing-out free money, but some casinos take it too far, requiring players to play-through thousands of dollars for the sake of a small bonus.

Royal Vegas Casino are one of the ones that definitely do no take it too far. They have one of the best deposit bonuses we have seen, paying out over a two-step process that rewards new and loyal players alike, and not requiring a ridiculous play-through rate. In fact, new players to Royal Vegas Casino can win up to $1500 over the course of their first two deposits, an amount that is certainly not to be sniffed at, regardless of your stake level.

Royal Vegas Casino also has some of the quickest payouts we have ever encountered, and that’s one of the many reasons that they get our vote of approval. Some new players can face huge delays with online casinos, and whether the casinos claim these delays are down to “security checks”, “credit checks” or something else, it can be a very frustrating and worrying time for a player, especially when they have won big and the money isn’t appearing. There is no such issue with Royal Vegas though and all withdrawals are processed within 24 hours, plus the time it takes for your particular method to go through. If you have initiated a bank transfer, then you should expect to wait 3 to 5 days, depending on your bank, whereas if you have asked for a check then you will need to wait for that to arrive. If, however, you use an E-Wallet or PayPal, then your winnings will be in your account within 72 hours.

That might not be as instant as the slot machines of old, spitting out silver coins for you to lug home or feed back into the machine, but times have changed and in the online world you’ll struggle to find anything quicker than that.