22 Feb

More Casinos choose to open VIP Pokies Rooms, despite reported Depreciation

Seminole Hard Rock Casino Tampa, FLIn Australia, we love our pokies. We always have, and always will. But everywhere else, analysts and research studies agree that poker machines – or slot machines, as they’re called elsewhere – are a dying breed. If that’s the case, why are more and more casinos opening VIP Slots rooms?

Last month, the Jimei Casino in Macau, China unveiled renovations to its establishment that included the launch of a VIP pokies area. The presentation defied all existing logic in terms of high-roller seclusion, wherein these exclusive rooms have always been known for their peaceful, low-key atmosphere – not the constant ringing and brilliant lights of poker machines.

Now, on the other side of the world, where the unrelenting heed for more attractive gambling amusements for millennials has been the loudest, another major casino operator is following in those footsteps.

The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tampa, Florida has opened its own VIP Slots room last week. The room is only accessible to VIP guests of the Hard Rock, offering them an unparalleled level of service and privacy.

VIP Slots Lounge at Seminole Hard Rock Casino TapaThe new high-roller area features 85 poker machines and all of the usual VIP amenities, including lounge seating, dedicated cashiers cage, ATM and credit office, a full service bar and private restrooms. On the walls hang 75-inch flat screen televisions to provide 24/7 entertainment to the casino’s elite guests.

Last week’s press release from the Seminole Hard Rock Casino confirmed that, “All of the slot machines have adjoining oversized, luxury chairs and have been placed on an extra-wide, spacious base to include a storage cabinet and cell phone stand complete with USB charging ports.”

It was also noted that the VIP slots offer “fast play”, which affords “expedited payment of jackpots”. Easy access to the new room is provided by way of a private, VIP carport located on the 3rd floor of the south parking garage.

One more exceptional feature of the Hard Rock’s new VIP Slots room is a secluded salon that can be reserved in advance for private groups. The salon feature 4 slot machines, a private restroom and luxury seating with a 75-inch TV and refrigerator. In reserving the private VIP Slots salon, guests are able to request which poker machines they want in the room, and what beverages they would like stocked in the refrigerator.

The exclusive pokies room was created by the cumulative efforts of hospitality specialists at Cleo Design, the famed architects of Klai Juba Wald, engineers from Louisiana-based GSA, and the theatrical lighting talents of Ruzika.

Male Waiters Another First for Seminole Casinos

We’ve all become accustomed to seeing cute little cocktail waitresses with form-fitting attire and push-up bras delivering drinks to casinos guests, but that’s about to change in South Florida. In another surprising move, the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa announced it will be hosting its “first-ever hiring event for male beverage servers” this week.

The casino said that, “due to overwhelming demand throughout the property”, the casino is looking to employ 50 male servers. Those hired are expected to don a “custom-designed and tailored uniform straight from New York City.”

We can safely assume the “overwhelming demand” came from lady patrons who would like to see just as many attractive male servers delivering their beverages as the female variety that service the casino floors now.