25 Feb

Using Magic Mouse for Enhanced Pokies Playing

One of our favorite accessories for Mac products is the Magic Mouse. The mouse is by far one of the most advanced and stylish products on the market and provides PC and Mac users alike with smart mouse movements that can be used for one’s benefit in the workplace, education segment and for gaming such as pokies.


To begin, we like how the mouse uses laser tracker engine technology over optical technology to read signals from gestures made on the mouse. This technology allows for smooth and standard swiping, clicking and scrolling on pretty much any kind of given surface you can think of provided you can move the mouse up and down, and back and forth. Unlike other mice that are constrained by surfaces, this mouse is only constrained by how fast your hand can move, making it another representation of Apple’s signature mark in leading innovation.


The magic mouse connects via Bluetooth, which also means it can be used for iPad applications if iPad users want a mouse for their playing and is extremely light and thin, making it easy to transport if need be. The device comes standard with iMac models or $69 as an accessory.


Some users are confused by the mouse’s design as there is only one major button. Initially on set up Apple has it configured for only a “left-click” function but this can be easily changed in the settings to encompass right-click features as well. Why Apple did this is beyond us as we know very few people who don’t make use of the right click button. Nevertheless, Apple has built-in sensors within the device that can determine where you are clicking and is not dependent on a separate click feature like other mice on the market.


Moreover, the mouse has multi-touch functions for those who need to click and drag files with their fingers. There is also an embedded swipe feature that allows users to go through pages or to other screens on their Macs with a swipe of two fingers either left or right across the device. This smart feature helps eliminate extra time spent having to click on windows and signifies Apple’s innovation for creating simpler solutions for achieving great tasks.


The mouse runs best on OSX 10.5.8 and above and requires 2 AA batteries to operate. In the future we hope the mouse can generate its own power through energy collected in the movements and friction with the surface in order to avoid the hassle of batteries. Batteries are the next big thing to go in the tablet, smartphone and TV worlds, and accessories will need to follow. There are also alternative power solutions for charging devices and old-fashioned AA batteries are no longer the answer.


This mouse however is a great way to enhance one’s pokies playing by using smart solutions to spin reels and swipe across multiple platforms seamlessly without having to worry of clicking on the wrong tab or make a wrong bet that may cost you later down the road.