12 Jul

Century Casinos turns TUI Discovery into Gambling Cruise

TUI Discovery now a Gambling Cruise ShipCruise ships are an extremely popular option for vacationers looking to get away for a while. Choosing the right vessel isn’t just about the price tag for most, but rather the range of amenities on board.

It’s a well know fact that the majority of middle-aged and older adults are attracted to a gambling cruise ship, where they can enjoy all of the usual entertainment and fanfare on board, and take a spin on the reels or toss chips at the blackjack tables whenever they feel the itch.

With that in mind, Century Casinos, a global gaming corporation with dozens of casinos investments all over the world, has extended its partnership up with Thomson Cruises to convert their most recently procured, international vessels, the TUI Discovery, into a gambling cruise.

Thomson Cruises is a valuable subsidiary of the TUI Group, a world class leader in the tourism industry. TUI Group operates 1,800 travel agencies around the globe, with more than 130 aircraft, 300 hotels and a continuously expanding fleet of 13 cruise liners.

New Owner, New Amenities

The TUI Discovery is a Vision-class cruise ship that’s been sailing the high seas for more than two decades. However, for those who travel the ocean waves regularly, the ship’s title may not be all that recognizable. That’s because, up until April 2016, TUI Discovery was owned by Royal Caribbean International, sailing under the name, Splendour of the Seas.

Now under the helm of Thomson Cruises, TUI Discovery accommodates over 2,000 passengers with an abundance of luxuriant amenities for guests, including all of the usual features – bars, live entertainment, extravagant indoor and outdoor pools, etc. – plus a throng of extras; everything from an 18-hole golf course and rock climbing wall, to an outdoor cinema, 5-story atrium and now – thanks to Century Casinos – is counted among the world’s vast fleet of gambling cruise ships.

TUI Discovery Live Casino Features

Live Room on board TUI DiscoveryThe onboard casino isn’t a massive one, but there’s always room for expansion down the line should customer demand call for it. As of now, TUI Discovery is equipped with a dozen ‘fruit machine’ slots, 3 live blackjack tables and 1 electronic blackjack table.

The casino is situated on Deck 4, open to the adjacent Live Room, giving gamblers an enhanced experience with full access to live entertainment in the evenings, and an elegant bar that plays host to the cruise’s largest selection of on-tap beers.

The gambling cruise ship features week-long voyages all year round, traversing the Mediterranean waters as well as the Caribbean throughout all months of the year. Passengers can observe the picturesque sights of Majorca, Sicily, Italy, Spain and France, or take a Caribbean cruise that skirts the majestic islands of Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, Costa Del Sol and more.

All TUI Vessels Now Gambling Cruise Ships

The addition of a casino on Thomson’s most recently acquired vessel, TUI Discovery, now completes transition of all the company’s vessels into gambling cruise liners. Prior to the fleet’s latest addition, all TUI-owned ships were already equipped with glamping amenities by their partners at Century Casinos.