9 Feb

Siri Pokies – Will Mac Have Siri on Board in 2015?

Apple’s customized voice activation service Siri, currently found on iOS devices, is likely to arrive in Mac OSX devices within the next year or so, with many analysts now reporting that it may be in new Mac devices release in 2015 including updated MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac devices.


In an attempt to make notebook and AIO applications more appealing to consumers as they currently decline in the market due to rising influence from mobile devices, Apple wants its new Macs to be equipped with increased voice activation features for performing increased tasks related to art and business.


Siri is a great function for the consumer on the go who needs to know where the nearest restaurant or gas station is located. It’s a convenience that gives the iPhone value and makes it competitive against other standard voice automation functions from other vendors such as Samsung and TLC.


Apple wants to take those functions to the next level and have voice automation for performing tasks otherwise more difficult to achieve on a notebook, such as uploading or downloading files, writing emails as well as directing certain movements such as mouse clicks.


Apple needs a new edge to its value-added services for its Mac lineup and this may be the answer if the company follows through such rumors. Consumers are at the point where they want to be using the keyboard and mouse less, and instead rely on voice automated functions for typing emails and downloading files that otherwise were sent through messages or transferred from US sticks. A more advanced Siri for achieving such matters could be Apple’s new market that would help it revive its computer lineup as well as give it that innovative edge it is known for.


Voice recognition software in fact is nothing new to the industry. In fact, there are several simple built-in applications on Macs that allow for voice recording that many consumers are not aware of exist. The systems only allow for dictation, which is hit or miss and could potentially be greatly improved given the right research and development. Adding other functions, however, such as performance-based functions could be a ground-breaking way for Apple to cut in a new market that is expected to explode in the future.


The future of computers cannot be limited to higher resolution and thinner sizes. Eventually that will run out of space to grow, or rather, shrink in some cases. Connectivity and convenience on the other hand is what will matter, as is being predicted by analysts who estimate the Internet of Things (IoT) will reach a $15 trillion dollar market in 2015. This market suggests that anything that brings in enhanced connectedness and convenience with devices will present increased market opportunities for businesses to expand on, as they are concepts that grow and blossom into other things rather than being limited to a product that is defined by its hardware specifications. Incorporating new technologies into Apple products may be the best bet for the company and it won’t be much of a surprise if Apple surfaces with something along these lines.


Meanwhile, Siri usage is reportedly on the rise probably due to the fact that people are using their mobile devices to access information while on the go such as driving, and more people are becoming reliant on it as part of their every-day routines. Apple could greatly improve its ecosystem by proving the technology on iMac and Mac devices to allow users who want increased access to powerful devices more options to run them at the very least. Also, gamers and gamblers alike who dabble in internet gaming such as pokies could potentially connect and perform increased functions, making Apple products the latest and greatest in the two segments. Lets hope the rumors come true in 2015 or at the latest in 2016.