26 Jan

How to Stay Safe with Prepaid Gift Card Pokies

Gift Card PokiesIn the iGaming world – short for real money online gambling – there’s nothing more important than player safety. Keeping personal and financial information secure must be the top priority of the player, as well as the casino they choose to play at. In my book, the golden rule of iGaming security is to always deposit with a prepaid gift card.

Pokies may be a standard form of entertainment in the physical realm, but over the internet, there are certain protocols that must be upheld to keep players safe. Therefore, the online casino you choose to play at, and how much information you share with that casino, is paramount.

Safety in a Prepaid Gift Card

Pokies are the number one pastime in Australia, not just at local pubs and clubs, but on the internet as well. The first thing an iGamer must do to access those games for real money is register an account. This requires a fair share of personal information, including full name, physical address and date of birth.

This isn’t the kind of information you’d want any old Joe Schmoe getting ahold of. But that’s not all. Once registered, players will need to fund that account with a payment. At this point, the method one chooses to make that payment becomes crucial.

Credit cards and ACH (bank transfer) payments may be the easiest and fastest way to go about it, but that means submitting even more, highly sensitive information. Financial information. The type of information that, combined with your personal details, could give some unscrupulous person sweeping access to everything you hold dear.

Choosing a Gift Card Pokies Site

The first rule is to make certain you’re joining a reputable gift card pokies site (i.e. a trusted online casino that accepts gift card deposit). For every reputable operator, there’s at least two rogue websites hoping you’ll find them first. Do your homework here.

You’re looking for a site that’s been around for many years with no outstanding player complaints. Or you can save yourself a lot of time and go straight to Royal Vegas, established in 2001. I’ve been playing here for ten years and never once had a problem.

Making A Secure Deposit

Next, avoid using a payment method that requires you to give complete financial information to the online casino. You could accomplish this with an online payment processor like Neteller or Skrill, but you’d have to provide them the same info you’re trying to avoid giving the casino. Kind of defeats the purpose, don’t you think?

That’s why you need a prepaid gift card. Pokies fans can simply walk into any local retail shop and pay cash for a prepaid card for whatever amount they want to deposit. The key benefit is that players never have to divulge any sustainable financial information.

Depositing with a prepaid gift card is just like using a debit card, but without your personal info attached. The card’s 16-digit number and CVC code are inputted on the website’s cashier page, and the funds are instantly loaded into the player’s account.

For added security, (and lack of sustainability mentioned above), be sure to purchase gift cards in the exact amount you wish to deposit. That way, once the card is used, you can throw it right in the trash. If anyone ever did get ahold of the card info, it would be useless to them.