1 Feb

Pokies on Parallels Desktop for Mac

There are some pokies players who have macs but prefer to use Windows for different games including slots and pokies. For the most part, popular platforms such as Royal Vegas and Platinum Play offer games both on Mac OSX and Windows, with virtually no difference in playing options. Nevertheless, some users like the way Windows operates but want the security, functions and power of certain products such as the MacBook Pro, and luckily, they can do so through Parallels Desktop.


Parallels Desktop is a software developed that allows Mac users to switch between OSX and Windows seamlessly without having to reboot your computer, which is typically required from many virtual robots/platforms. These platforms require you to log out of OSX and into Windows, much like a user logging out of a certain username and switching over. While this method isn’t terribly time consuming it nevertheless is annoying and there are smarter ways to accomplish this.


And that is what Parallels accomplishes. The software can be downloaded directly to your Mac computer, including MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac Pro etc. Users can then download Windows or Linux to the system either through a download over the Internet or burning a CD copy.


Downloading Parallels doesn’t take up much space on your computer but uploading another OS requires a lot of space. I run Windows on my Mac for certain applications and this took up nearly 80GB of space. Ouch! Luckily I have an extra SSD for this that gives me 1TB of space. Any new Mac though should be able to handle the download and still have plenty of space leftover for keeping your music, photos and documents. However, for those with older Macs with 250GB memory you may want to reconsider just sticking to OSX.


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You know how Windows is infamous for shutting down and having viruses while Macs are virtually free from malware and almost never crash? The same goes for your Mac. To be more specific, Widows and Linux do crash while operating in Parallels. However, Parallels will remain running and if you have to reboot Windows the only thing you have to do is reboot the Parallels software without having to shut down or restart your Mac. Moreover, you do not have to worry about any viruses trying to get through on Windows leaking into your OSX/Mac as they are different software systems that are not connected. The hardware meanwhile does not get affected either.


It’s almost strange in a way that Windows works better on a Mac compared to other PCs from Samsung and Lenovo etc., as those computer’s OS are inherently built into the computer whereas on a Mac they are running like a video game. If a game crashes, you restart it and not the computer.


Pokies players therefore who want to play on a new device should therefore consider getting a Mac regardless if they want to use OSX or Windows/Linux applications. In fact, in doing so you also allow yourself to being able to run all the major operating systems available whereas getting other PCs that are not Apple do not allow you to run OSX. OSX is exclusive to Mac products just the way Apple wants it to be.


Some players like to switch between OSX and Windows out of belief that their chances will increase in games like pokies as the random number generators found in each game determine what software is accessing it in addition to the amount of users. However, this is still a topic of debate and nevertheless would only be another reason why a Mac using Parallels Desktop would be a great choice.