26 Jan

Pokies for Apple Watch – Play Pokies on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch, which is set to hit markets in the first quarter of 2015, has spurred developments for content providers in the smart watch segment. Watches, otherwise thought of as only having the ability to tell time and read dates, are now being developed to answer phone calls, surf the web, and are even acting as connected devices for accessing various software platforms.


The Apple Watch is expected to follow in suit as part of Apple’s plan to extend its ecosystem and overall reach in the wearables and connected device segments. In fact, it will be a very important device as part of Apple’s developments in the Internet of Things (IoT) as the company will further rely on software development in the future.


Countries such as China, which is predicted to surpass the US in gaming as of 2015, are seeing huge increases in the number of online gamers who are looking to expand their playing options well beyond their notebooks and monitor PCs. Tablets took the gaming industry by storm as of 2010 and smartphones followed in suit since they have grown larger in size. It is only probable that smart watches, which is a primary target for vendors in 2015, will also have their say in this industry as gaming makers develop content and iOS/Android specific games.


In fact, for pokies playing and various other casino gaming there are already many mobile solutions available for iOS and Android applications, which arose fast following the developments of smartphones. Gambling platforms such as Royal Vegas and Platinum Play were quick on the draw to create Mac compatible and iOS compatible platforms that were easily accessed either through an App or a downloaded software platform. It is no reason to think otherwise that makers won’t follow for smart watches such as the Apple Watch as gamers will need up-to-date gaming info and betting opportunities at will with a look at their wrist.


The trends show the Apple watch and other smart watches taking over in this segment. Industry observers initially thought that gamers would never move away to smaller screens for playing pokies and other online casinos but they couldn’t have been more wrong. Most people who play pokies now do so on a smart device due to the flexibility and convenience provided and a large screen is no longer necessary to make a gaming experience fun and potentially profitable.


Imagine that you look at your watch and could either press a button or talk into it in order to control your spins at an online pokies platform. The reality is that this phenomenon is not far away at all and vendors such as Apple will definitely be looking into developing platforms that will allow this. Gaming developers would hop on the opportunity immediately to develop this and Apple could extend its ecosystem immensely.


For now the Apple Watch may only see limited shipments in 2015 as the company struggles to get the initial batch into the market but following developments to make it thinner and more connected to other iOS devices shipments will undoubtedly increase throughout 2017-2018 when the wearables market becomes more developed. Apple is also struggling to gain access for sapphire due to boule issues at various production facilities but such related developments are expected to be resolved soon.