8 Feb

Apple Watch Sport Edition and Pokies Possibilities

The Apple Watch Sport, which is part of Apple’s Watch series set to arrive in markets in early 2015, is Apple’s specifically catered watch for the active type. Made of anodized aluminum and strengthened with Ion-X glass, Apple’s aims to deliver a lightweight watch that can handle the toughest terrains and pounding for sports enthusiasts and even gamers.


Apple lacked sapphire supply to develop covers for its iPhone 6 as a result of inefficiencies regarding boule furnaces, and the company reportedly has enough supply from China suppliers to cover enough surface area for about 40 million Apple Watches in 2015. Apple aims to sell 80 million with some market estimates as 100 million, but only half are expected to be for higher-end models. Instead, Apple has opted for Ion-X glass, which is likely being supplied from Corning, as the ion exchange and strengthening process mentioned on Apple’s website for achieving a durable surface is very similar to the process Corning uses for its Gorilla Glass and other glass products. The technology will provide some of the hardest and most scratch-resistant technology for any mobile surface in the world, which means anyone looking to play games while on the run will feel secure knowing their watch won’t break.


The sports edition prompts the idea of being a multi-functional device to fit the active type. For pokies players who enjoy playing games while on the treadmill or in busy places, and fear they may drop their device or have it broken by nearby bystanders, this is the best option. The device also has Wi-Fi, which currently is being promoted to sync with other iOS devices rather than have access to the web and third-party Apps. However, outside Apps purchased through iTunes are expected to be available in 2015 as the success of the Watch will be greatly determined on this factor. There is no way Apple will not allow for third-part development for this device to succeed.


The best thing about the sports edition is the amount of features it offers related to health, which will help you monitor how many steps you have walked, how many calories you have burned and even more. In short, it will help you justify all the pokies playing you do when on the go. What’s more impressive, Apple knows if you are doing all of this while moving, standing or walking due to built-in sensors.


A strategy we propose is timing how much you do a certain exercise and match that with a certain amount of pokies playing. This way you can accurately determine how much effort should be matched with playing. A lot of people try to justify their betting and pokies playing with a reward and what better way to achieve that than through exercise! Exercising will also help calm you down, wake you up, make you think more clearly and experience a happier lifestyle. There is also a heart rate sensor that can detect whether you are getting into your playing too intensely. Combining these aspects with a fun device that is safe and soon-to-be ready for third-party Apps for gambling and many other applications is the best way to go.


Aussies may see a slightly longer delay before the device hits Australia due to slow production processes in China. Apple is also reportedly facing production bottlenecks due to the S1 chip in addition to various sensors found in the device. Nevertheless, the Apple Watch Sport will make its way into the market and hopefully Aussies will find a new way to combine it with on of their favorite hobbies by at least mid-2015 for what we hope to be enhanced pokies playing and enjoyment.