25 Jan

Pokies for Apple TV – Can You Play Pokies on Apple TV?

The Apple TV is currently Apple’s main weapon for entering the smart TV market, which is currently valued at around 80 million units and expected to reach an 80% penetration rate as of 2018. Despite Apple not going the traditional smart TV route so far due to lagging interest in developing related hardware, it is relying on its iTunes and iTV smart platforms for users to enjoy movies and listen to music via another smart TV of their choice.


Pokie gaming is but one other App this is actually ignored in this regard and can be downloaded over Apple TV, provided that the casino of your choice offers an App as well as services for that nationality. For Aussies and Kiwis, Apps that can be accessed through Apple TV include Royal Vegas and Platinum play, which allow you to download and start playing for real money at the very sight of your TV. Deposits and withdraws can all be accessed through the Apple TV control panel and your information can be saved and linked with other iOS devices as well. Apple TV is safe and secure just like other Apple products and is less likely to face malware issues compared to other smart TVs and OTT platforms.


The Apple TV is a powerful set-top-box with advanced OTT services and exclusive apps that gaming companies consider highly when developing platforms. While mobile gaming is becoming increasingly popular and arguable overtaking PC gambling, there is another trend that is occurring-TVs are getting larger, higher in resolution and more connected in order to provide value-added experiences for gamers. Screens either need to fit in your pocket or fill up your living room these days, and need to be affordable as well, hence the reason why Apple is pushing OTT services through Apple TV in order to help consumers save costs as smart TV costs are currently competitive and most likely not worth it for Apple to dabble into.


In addition to these trends, the TV industry wants to make it so that games like pokies can be downloaded easily and enjoyed on a nice large screen in order to give the segment a competitive edge in the market. No one wants to connect their laptop to their TV anymore so that they itube apk download can view their screen on another screen. People instead want one thing that can provide it all and accessing a TV through Apple’s iTV is the answer for Mac fans who want to connect pokies to a smart TV and enjoy playing on a smart screen.


The great part about Apple TV is that you get the security of Apple software but the conveniences of choosing what TV you want it to be hooked to. You also get to hook it up and connect with your internet provider of your choice and are not forced to access games strictly through platforms exclusively available with certain TVs. Apple TV opens your options rather than closes them and it is no secret that Apple wants users to download Apps and promote them in their platforms as they can also affiliate with related gaming developers.


Does Apple want to be associated with gambling affiliates? It’s not so much the Apple TV will be responsible for associating itself with such gaming companies but rather it will provide access to a variety of choices for whatever people want to access, albeit it is legal, which in the case of pokies is so in Australia and New Zealand.