24 Jan

Pokie Posture for Extended Gambling

You may not realize it but when you are playing pokies online on devices such as an iPad or Android smartphone that your neck and shoulders are being strained. The reason being is that like most people who have smart devices, they look down putting a strain on their neck while their shoulders are most likely tense. This creates tension in the upper back and can lead to spinal pain, which can further influence the entire body’s energy.


It may seem bizarre to think that pokie playing could have such negative effects on the body. This in fact isn’t directly related to pokies and rather is something posture related which can easily be fixed with a few tips to ensure the body is at its most optimal stage.


Simply put, grab your tablet or smartphone device with your hands and hold it at eye level. Then, drop your shoulders and extend your chest out. Drop your shoulders again and observe how much more relaxed they feel when doing so. All of the main energy channels in the body run through the shoulders so when they are relaxed so is the body. In fact, the most tense-looking people who tend to make others feel not relaxed are those with tight shoulders that are lifted up, almost looking as if they are freezing.


After doing so make sure the neck is straight and not curved downward. Looking downward with your neck as opposed to looking down with your eyes is bad for the C7 on the spine, which is why many people who use computers a lot complain of pain in their upper middle back. Your eyes can move up and down for a reason so take advantage of this and give your neck a break. If your eyes get too tired or you feel nauseous you can always look away at something else to stimulate the pupils and give your brain a rest. A difference in light wave activity helps the eyes relax and will release tension/eye fatigue.


People also need to avoid hunching or slouching when playing their pokie games. Hunching hurts the lower back and makes you look like an idiot for starters. It also hurts the body’s spinal flow of energy and can cause an imbalance in the chest and back weight balance, leading to potential back spasms and other back problems. Slouching produces many of the same qualities but influences the lower back more as the tailbone, another major energy center of the body, may easily get sore due to too much pressure. Make sure to sit upward and keep your body relaxed, with the weight of your body sinking into the chair.


A proper posture also tells the brain that you are ready to rock. Someone who slouches on the couch is sending a signal that it he or she wants to get their ass kicked at a pokie game because they are a pushover who doesn’t care about themselves. You need to tell the pokie game how to fix active directory domain services is currently unavailable otherwise and let it know who is boss. Many gamblers are superstitious about doing certain things to win and this is one of those attributes that may affect the outcome of the game.


Keeping the body straight and relaxed will also help you make healthier decisions when you play the pokies. For example, you may feel more positive about the decisions you make such as what games to play and how much to spend while also aware of how your body feels when you lose or win. Most people lose this with bad posture as the mental and physical aspects of the body intertwine too much and get confused. Keep the body well and the rest will follow.


Posture doesn’t have to seem like a chose and pokie playing is an enjoyable thing that can be set on your guidelines and your wishes. However, these are some guidelines to produce better results and keep one healthy overall beyond the pokies realm.