30 Dec

Play Pokies on MacBook Pro: Review

These days laptops can be just as powerful as their desktop counterparts, and nowhere will you find as much power than in a MacBook Pro. These iconic machines were first introduced to the world in the 1990s, back when they were known as “Powerbooks”. They weren’t as compatible as their rival Windows’ laptops, but they were just as proficient and for many users they were also much easier to use.

Apple were big back then, but they had yet to become the behemoths of the computing world that they are now. In 2006 the first MacBook Pro was launched, and Apple, along with creative types the world over, have never looked back since. These days Mac users do not struggle with the same incompatibility issues as previous generations did. Yes there are a few games and applications that don’t work, but these days such an occurrence is a rarity. In online gambling, for instance, a scene that used to be dominated by Windows, most sites not only have software that is compatible with the Mac OS, but they also have mobile apps that work with the iOS mobile operating system.

These are no longer niche machines, they are powerful laptops at the top end of the market, with a broad ranges of uses. These days everything from MMORPG games like the massively popular World of Warcraft, to poker giants like Pokerstars and casinos like Royal Vegas (which we’ll get to later) can be played on a Mac. They have some of the best processors, the best graphics, the best sound and the best apps. Not to mention wireless capability and a sleek and stunning design.

MacBook Pros are also portable, just like your tablet or your smartphone, only much more powerful and capable of far more compatibility. MacBooks come with 13 or 15 inch displays — which would be towards the shorter end of the size spectrum for standard laptops — and which one you pick depends on a number of factors. For mobility, the 13 inch would probably be the better option, as it is smaller and lighter whilst still able to do everything its bigger brother can do. Both of these laptops use retina display, which is something that is unique to Apple and something that can make your pokies really stand out.

“Retina display” is a term that was coined by Apple to describe a screen resolution that is incredibly high, so much so that no one can tell the individual pixels apart, which means that to the user the screen appears as one fluid image, crisper and cleaner than anything else on the market. It’s hard to describe just how good a retina display looks to those who have not seen one, but needless to say it can do wonders for your online gambling experience, making those dazzling lights and flashing reels really jump out at you.

13 inches doesn’t sound like a lot to many, some would even say that 15 inches isn’t enough, but with the retina display it more than makes up for it. Sites like Royal Vegas Casino, which accepts Mac users and also has an app for iPad and iPhone users, can be experienced to their fullest with this display and with the general power and the speed that the MacBook Pro possesses. Not to mention the battery life, which comes in at as much as 12 hours (for the most expensive 13 inch model) when running wireless internet or programs such as iTunes. Royal Vegas Casino excels on the MacBook Pro, and on most Mac computers, with the 450+ slot machines all working as quickly and as effortlessly as they should, and with the many table games doing the same. If you want a computer that will allow you to play on the go, one that does not require any technical expertise to run or master and run that can run all of the best pokies and table games from sites such as Royal Vegas Casino, then you can’t go wrong with the MacBook Pro.