22 Jan

Play Pokies on Mac Pro

The Mac Pro is a godsend from the Apple heavens. When the Apple team decided it was going to make this device we did not anticipate it would reigns gifts of awesomeness and destruction in the PC world, because that is what this device does-destroys all competitors.


At 10 inches and 11 pounds, the Mac Pro can run up to a 6-core 3.5Ghz processor, 16GB memory and 3 4K displays, making it the ultimate pokie playing machine known to humans. We challenge you to see just how many pokies games you can play at the same time. Go ahead and try setting up 3 screens in 4K resolutions and multitask at various games all at once, and see if you do not collapse in awe over the experience.


We set up Royal Vegas one screen, Platinum Play on the other and Europalace on the third one in fact just to see how this experience would turn out, because hey, someone has got to try it, and we were blown away. We played simultaneously with 3 different keyboards as there are multiple USB ports and were able to fit even multiple games on one screen, which were primarily LG and Samsung displays sized 24- to 27-inch. The experience was unreal and the machine was so fast and quiet that we even forgot we were on a computer.


To make use of such a high-performance machine you need to play pokies that deliver a similar experience. Non-trusted vendors with bad reputations that have limited playing options are not what you want for this machine, hence the reason we recommend Royal Vegas, because you indeed, will get royal treatment; a full house of sorts.


But without sounding like all we do is drool over this machine (hey this is mac pokies, we can do it), let us talk a bit more about whether you should invest in this beast for playing pokies. Keep in mind first of all that this device does not come with a display so you will have to get one along with a keyboard and mouse to complete the package. Most likely you are going to want to get a 4K display along with it in which case you might as well get the iMac with Retina display and upgrade it to similar specs, which by our count would be similar in pricing. You still get a bit more with the Mac Pro, however, and the option of choosing what accessories you want with it.


Apple hasn’t done much to promote it except surprise people with a cylinder looking object. It’s primarily marketed toward professionals in the film and music industry who need quiet solutions and fast performance, primarily with the option of being able to transport it easily like the Mac mini.


We love this device though and appreciate its innovative design and manufacturing back in the US, showing Apple’s ever-so slight commitment to bring back local jobs to its native country. For pokies playing it is great as we have already noted and players can trust they receive the best playing experience on any device in addition to safe and secure software through Royal Vegas and its App on iTunes.