1 Jan

Play Pokies on iMac: Review

The iMac is an all-in-one computer that was developed by Apple and saw its first release in 1998. These iconic and colorful machines proved to be very popular, opting for simplicity and ease of use over everything else, but making sure that the hardware was up to scratch with the age. A year previous to the release of this machine, it was assumed that Apple were on their last legs and that they would declare bankruptcy at any moment, but instead this computer proved to be their much needed turning point.

Appel released many updated versions of the iMac, and the modern machine is a super speak, super powerful, all-in-one computer that stands as a shining example of Apple’s ingenuity and style. iMacs are more expensive than PCs with similar specifications, but they are much easier to use and they tend to be less cluttered. They also offer much more in terms of creativity, which is why artists, musicians and writers tend to prefer Macs over PCs.

When it comes to online casinos, and in particular pokies, iMacs also make for a more enjoyable experience than PCs, especially for those who lack the technical know-how. Windows can be overly complicated, and Windows PCs also come bundled with extra junk that no one wants and few people are ever happy with, and this serves to get in the way and slow things down. iMacs, on the other hand, are streamlined, fast and loaded only with programs that the user installed and wants. This is one of the reasons why iMacs often perform much better than PCs in speed tests, even when the two have the same processing power.

If you pickup the new, top-end iMac then you can also enjoy your pokies on a 27 inch, LED backlit screen, with one of the finest resolutions and some of the most amazing colors you will ever see on a computer screen. This iMac also has an i5 processor and as we mentioned above, without the added junk bundled onto the computer by the manufacturers, this processor will be allowed to run to its full potential, giving you pokies that never falter, never crash and are never slow.

Online casinos don’t require much in the graphics department, but the iMac has this area covered as well, with the NVIDIA GeForce card installed on higher-end models, and a powerful Intel HD Graphics card on the lower ones. This means that even in 5 years from now your machine will still be more than powerful enough to handle the biggest and latest pokies that the online casinos throw at you.

Another benefit of having all of this power — which also includes a ridiculous amount of storage space and up to 8GB of RAM — is that you can do several things at once. If you want an extended session on the pokies, but find yourself growing a little bored an hour or two in, you can simply boot up a game or a web browser, keeping the pokie software open in a small window as you play or browse. You can even use FaceTime — which comes as standard on all Macs — to video chat with your friends, and you can do all of this flawlessly and without any interruptions, as the iMac has more than enough power to keep several things going at once.

So now that we have established that iMac is the way to go, what about the online casino? One of our favorites, and one we often play on ourselves, is Euro Palace. They use the Microgaming software, which is loaded with stacks of pokies, table games and even scratch cards. These games have some of the latest technologies, including the best bonus rounds, all of which will run seamlessly on an iMac. What’s more, Euro Palace has one of the most generous deposit bonuses you will find, along with a fantastic loyalty scheme.

Also, just like the iMac, Euro Palace has been around for many years and when it comes to quality, both the iMac and Euro Palace can definitely be trusted.