4 Nov

Step up your Game: Five Online Pokies Tips for Noobs

Tips for Playing Online PokiesAnyone who’s been gambling for some length of time should already be aware of the online pokies tips you’re about to read. If you happen to be relatively new to the virtual poker machines, this article is for you.

First things first—and this isn’t a tip, it’s a reality check—there is no such thing as a solid strategy for winning at the pokies. Sure, you can manage your bankroll to maximize profits and reduce losses, and you can look for machines with the highest payout percentages, but you will never find a strategy that increases your odds of winning at online pokies.

The house always has the edge, no matter what. That doesn’t mean you’re destined to lose, but you will need luck on your side to win. With that said, let’s take a look at 5 of the most valuable online poker tips for novices.


Online Pokies Tip #1: It’s Entertainment, Not a Job

If you want to start playing online pokies because you’re short on money and need a quick payout, you are sadly misinformed. You cannot play poker machines and expect to walk away a winner every time, or even most of the time. Pokies should be viewed as a form of entertainment, not a career choice or source of supplementary income.

Online pokies are comparable to any other form of entertainment. You could go to the cinema, hit the bowling alley, or go to a football match, and they’ll all cost you some coin. The only difference with poker machines is that you do actually have a chance of getting your money back, and then some.

Online Pokies Tip #2: There’s no Rush

Take your time when playing. This will help to maximize enjoyment and stretch your bankroll when the reels aren’t falling in your favor. Never use the software’s notorious ‘Auto-Spin’ feature, either. This is nothing more than an evil mechanism integrated by online casinos to siphon money from your pocket quicker.

Online Pokies Tip #3: Play on the Casino’s Dime

If there’s one thing every online casino has in common, it’s the abundance of promotional offerings, especially for pokies fans. You can snag free credits to play the poker machines in all sorts of ways. Many sites offer no-deposit bonuses, where free credits are distributed to all players who simply register an account.

Standard deposit bonuses that match a player’s first deposit are the most common of all, often matching 100% or more, up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Players can generally take advantage of additional deposit bonuses on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Playing on the casino’s dime is the best way to ensure the longevity of your bankroll. So make sure you’re shopping around and finding the best promos when choosing where to play the online pokies.

Online Pokies Tip #4: Progressive Jackpots

There are two sides to the progressive jackpot coin, and which side you choose really depends on what type of player you are, and how large your bankroll is.

Pro Progressive: On the one hand, progressives are great because they have potential to make us millionaires. However, the way they are designed, you’ll need to bet maximum coins to even qualify for the jackpot, and more often than not, the higher your coin size, the higher your chance of triggering whatever it takes to release the jackpot. For this reason, only players with a substantial bankroll should bother playing progressives.

Anti-Progressive: In order for a progressive to pay out some behemoth jackpot, it has to tighten up on smaller prizes. This means that, overall, a progressive machine is going to have less small and medium sized wins. You won’t win a million dollars playing non-progressives, but your chances of winning anything are greatly increased.

Online Pokies Tip #5: Don’t Play the Bills

If you get anything out of this article, get this: Pay the Bills, Don’t Play the Bills!

Never, ever play the pokies with money that already has a purpose, like the rent, utilities or grocery money. As I’ve already said, this is a form of entertainment. And if you’re short on the rent already, get a better paying job, or a second job. Don’t play to make up the difference.

If you set aside extra (with great emphasis on the word, “extra”) money just for playing, and never exceed that amount, you will always play responsibly.