15 Mar

Disappointments From Apple March 9 Event

While we here at Mac Pokies are enthusiastic about Apple products in general we have to admit that when we tuned in to the March 9, 2015 event recently we were a bit disappointed over some of the developments (or lack thereof) from Apple.


Aside from the Apple Watch which we will focus on in another article, we anticipated that Apple would launch its 12.9-inch iPad Pro in addition to revised 15-inch MacBook Pros. The 12-inch iPad, which is rumored to come with a stylus and 10-point touch capabilities, was expected to give Apple’s iPad lineup a facelift after the company reported declines in shipments for the series amid a global decline in tablets worldwide.


Apple is known for launching new major products during the fourth quarter of each year but this period would have been crucial as the iPad continues to drop throughout the first quarter of 2015. Various reports including those from Mac Rumors have followed up on various sources in the industry that stated Apple is behind schedule due to display considerations and will have the device ready by the end of 2015.


Apple also launched its new MacBook, which is a 12-inch solution newly added to Apple’s notebook lineup. This device, in our opinion, conflicts too much with the company’s existing MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro solutions, and Apple should have focused more on the larger-size notebook market where 14- and 15-inch solutions are still in demand. If Apple is also developing a 12-inch iPad then it will have too many conflicts of interest in the 11- to 13-inch segment where most of its products are centered.


We also wanted to hear more about Apple’s move into home connectivity. Perhaps the company does not have high hopes for the segment but since it is so powerful and influences culture, it very well could expand its business model if it were to enter the home electronics sector with an emphasis on smart home solutions. LG and Samsung, for example, create great and reliable solutions such as washing machines and refrigerators that are now being offered in conjunction with controlled Apps from smart devices of those companies. This is one way of expanding their business model in all directions and solidifying roles in the ever-growing IoT market.


We are excited to hear new reports stating Apple is forming an auto team and will aim to have electric vehicles on the road by 2020. This will be a great addition to the Apple family and could greatly alter the company’s focus heading into the future where vehicles may very well be the center of focus in the IoT industry. Although no announcement was made at the March 9th event Apple representatives didn’t seem to play down the idea either.


Apple will bounce back in the fourth quarter of the year when its new iPhone 6S and 12-inch iPads hit stores. There will, as always, be new software updates and more ways Apple is integrating technology into consumers’ lives but this is always an element of surprise we usually do not come across until the actual event. Let’s hope that September/October brings in new possibilities for Apple.