28 Jan

Mac Mini Pokies – Play Pokies on Mac Mini

The Mac mini, a 7.7-inch square frame powerhouse that has everything in a cabinet-size computer, is the latest of Mac solutions that allows users to experience the power and safety of Mac software and hardware but with the choice of one’s own display, keyboard and mouse.


The device is arguably the smaller and more affordable version of the Mac Pro that features 4G Intel Core processors, Iris Graphics and Thunderbolt 2 to suit the needs of workers, students and gaming enthusiasts such as pokie players.


Apple quote’s the device as the world’s most energy-efficient desktop computer that exceeds Energy Star requirements and comes equipped with Apple’s latest OSX that also streams and matches content seamlessly with iOS devices. Essentially, it is everything you want from a mac and for a cheaper price.


Pokie players like taking this device to and from locations as it can be easily transported due to its light weight and small size. The gamers also typically bring Apple’s wireless and lightweight keyboard and mouse technology and plug the device directly into any desktop monitor to begin playing. This way meeting for multiplayer action on the same screen such as a projector is incredibly easy and even cheaper.


You may be wondering why not just get a Mac notebook. The answer is simple-cost. The Mac mini is a fraction of the cost of a laptop and is not embedded into a screen like the iMac. For those who also want Apple hardware or a Retina Display, getting something like the iMac would be more suitable. The Mac mini meanwhile also gives you the option to plug into another monitor device if you think Apple hardware is not suitable for you. It would be silly, however, to get a Mac mini and a Mac display since you could get both in one device for the same price but some people may prefer the mobile options such as the ones mentioned above.


Pokies players get all the same benefits on this device as they would from other Mac products. Starting at $499, players get plenty of slots juice with a 1.4GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 (Turbo Boost up to 2.7GHz) processor with 3MB on-chip shared L3 cache. There is also 500GB storage, 4GB memory that can be upgraded to 8GB and Intel Iris graphics that makes every image and jackpot seem more exciting.


At 2.6 pounds there isn’t a whole lot to worry about when transporting from pokie arena to another. Most people do not dare bring their expensive laptop with them due to the amount of valuable information on them but since this device is cheaper and accessible to being plugged into various screens it is a top option for players.


Many players are choosing to get the US$499 option and combining it with a US$499-699 4K display from a vendor such as Samsung. This puts a nice 4K gaming package together for around $1K or so and gives you flexibility as well as the best of both worlds (assuming those are your preferences). But don’t limit yourself there, you could also invest in a Full HD projector and link it up to that so that you have a 100-inch pokie playing platform. The only limitations for this device are your imagination and it is a highly recommended device by the editors of this site.