22 Dec

What Proper Regulation Means to Mac Casino Gamers

Proper Regulation of Mac CasinosThroughout the last two decades, the internet gambling industry has transformed from infantile stages to a blossoming, global industry worth billions of dollars. In the early years, taking steps to become regulated was a perfunctory task. Now days, anyone with an inkling of knowledge as to how the business works should know never to attempt to play at Mac casinos that aren’t regulated by a reputable authority.

Just being regulated by any old jurisdiction isn’t enough to ensure the protection of Mac casino gamers.

I learned that the hard way years ago, when I came across a problem during a payout request. The casino (I won’t bother naming names; it went out of business over a decade ago) refused to pay my winnings, claiming some lame and wholly unreasonable technicality. When I attempted to contact the regulatory authority in Costa Rica to file a complaint, I struck an immediate brick wall.

That was a $150 lesson learned the hard way.

Why Proper Regulation Matters

Mac casinos that are strongly regulated provide a wealth of value for players. These authoritative bodies ensure that an operator is employing best business practices, integrating fair software and paying their players, among other things.

To become regulated by a reputable authority, Mac casinos must apply for a licence from the corresponding authority. In doing so, the regulator will thoroughly inspect the operation, it’s backers, and its financial status.

The software must pass rigorous testing. The website must be wholly secured, and standard safeguards must be in place to protect player data. All of these aspects and more must be present before a licence will ever be granted.

There are multiple fees involved, as well. There’s an initial application fee, which can often be in the 5-figure range, plus a much larger fee to be paid if the application is approved. This is standard practice in the land-based gambling industry, as well.

Point being, Mac casinos that don’t intend to provide honest, upright services are strongly discouraged from even applying for a reputable licence.

Player / Operator Mediation

I touched on this subject earlier. The most important thing a good regulatory authority brings to the table for Mac casino players is mediation. If a problem ever arises, the player can turn to them for help.

Regulators have specially trained mediators whose sole responsibility is to investigate any disputes from consumers. Just as I encountered all those years ago, the majority of these claims have to do with slow or non-existent payouts. If it turns out the casino is in the wrong, they are ordered to pay the player, or face licence suspension, or both.

Promotional Transparency

One of the more common complaints in recent years has been that promotional terms and conditions are either too vague, or written so illogically that it’s virtually impossible for players to take full advantage of bonuses.

Top regulators have cracked down heavily on this aspect of the industry. In October, following an alarming number of complaints, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) launched a wide-scale investigation into UK-licenced operators to ensure promotional transparency guidelines are being followed.

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Last but not least, let’s take a look at some of the most prominent regulatory authorities around the world that Mac casinos often turn to. We will, of course, separate them into two categories – a basic good cop / bad cop evaluation

Please understand that, just because a Mac casino is regulated by a jurisdiction in the latter category, does not automatically make it a shady or rogue operation. It only means that the regulatory body isn’t providing the same level of responsible services as those in the first column. There are actually several operators regulated in these areas that have upheld excellent practices for many years.

Best Regulatory Authorities

Sketchy Regulatory Authorities


Antigua and Barbuda


Costa Rica

Isle of Man






Note: This is by no means a complete list of online gambling regulatory bodies. Those listed above provide licences to local and international Mac casinos. Other regulatory bodies, like those in France, Italy, Spain, some Canadian provinces and US states, etc., only licence ring-fenced operations located within their borders. These are all considered to be upright services, as they are working to protect their own.