10 Dec

Lucky Draw Casino Promotions go Mainstream at Royal Vegas

Lucky raw Casino Promotions at Royal VegasThe interactive gambling market is one of the most competitive industries the world wide web has ever known. With thousands of betting sites competing against one another, marketing teams are required to undertake the unequivocally difficult task of finding new ways to draw customers. Coming up with uniquely attractive online casino promotions is paramount, and something Royal Vegas has come to excel in.

Royal Vegas has been delivering regular promos to keep their customers on their toes for years now, but just recently, the online casino has invoked a new strategy that’s reinvigorating its players. The majority of the operator’s casino promotions now come with what’s known as a “Lucky Draw”.

For example, maybe there’s a week-long online pokies tournament taking place. The top players on the leaderboard will share in whatever prize pool has been set forth, and there might even be special prizes allotted to players who complete certain tasks along the way. But thanks to the infusion of “Lucky Draw”, three random participants will also receive a reward.


How does Lucky Draw Work?

As the name implies, a Lucky Draw works much like a lottery. Each participant must complete a prerequisite of some sort in order to earn an entry into the drawing. Then, when the associated casino promotion ends, the drawing takes place. There are generally three lucky draw winners, earning 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place prizes.

The prizes vary depending on the specific promo, but often include anything from free spins and free credits, to valuable merchandise like smartphones, tablets or video gaming consoles.

Royal Vegas can attach a Lucky Draw to just about any promotion, but the most common are placed on leaderboard comps for specific game titles. Any and all members of the online casino are eligible to participate in the lucky draw.

Earning an entry will require a set amount of wagers, such as $25 on the eligible game. Entries are unlimited, so for every $25 wagered, another entry into the drawing is earned, increasing the player’s chance of winning a prize.

Versatility of the Lucky Draw

Sometimes players can earn entries by making a deposit, as well. It could be that, for every cumulative $100 deposited in a month’s time, a player gets one entry. Alternatively, requisites could be combined, where a player earns entries for each deposit of $100+, and an entry for each $25 wagered on a specific game.

Back in September, Royal Vegas ran a regional promotion aligned with the World Cup. Leaderboards were separated by countries, and the country with the most total points would receive prizes based on their leaderboard status for that country. The Lucky Draw attached was open to every country, but only players who fell into the category of “highest wagering” were eligible for the drawing.

As you can see, the marketing team behind Royal Vegas has put a great deal of thought into the versatility of this relatively new promotional concept, and best of all, due to its lottery-style execution, absolutely every member—whether they’re daily high rollers or the occasional low-stakes bettor—has a chance to win a prize.