29 Nov

Top Choice Gaming: Live Dealer Casino Australia

Throughout the last two decades, online gambling has grown immensely. Absolutely any wager that can be found in a land-based establishment is available over the internet, and then some. There’s one thing traditional iGaming has lacked, however, and that’s the social aspect. But with a live dealer casino, Australia punters get the best of both worlds.


Benefits of the Social Game

To be honest, I generally prefer the solitude of playing games online. When I spin the reels on my favorite pokies, a little peace and quiet helps me concentrate and stay focused on the game. If I hear bells and whistles, I’d like to know that it’s because I just hit a big win, not the mate a few seats down from me.

But when it comes to table games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, etc., the social aspect is more appreciated. Pokies are designed to be solitary, but table games were conceived under the premise of social interactivity.

Having multiple players not only alters the path of the cards (for better or worse), it gives us a sense of community. We’re all working together, competing against the dealer in a common goal, and that increases the entertainment level by default, especially when we’re basing all decisions on proper strategy. That alone can incite boredom when there’s no option to interact with the other players or the dealer.

Live Dealer Casinos Eliminate RNG Factor

Live Dealer Casino AustraliaIt’s not just camaraderie that increases the overall value of a live dealer casino. Australia punters like myself generally prefer the outcome of their game be determined by human fate, not some computer chip that randomly decides if they’re going to get the card they need, or if the ball is going to drop in a favorable slot on the roulette wheel.

Traditional online casino games are all powered by a software system that utilizes a random number generator (RNG) to determine every outcome. This makes sense if you’re playing the pokies, as the land-based versions run on the same software. But table games are different.

I’d rather have an actual, trained dealer shuffling a real deck of cards than an RNG deciding what order to place them in. Yes, I’m perfectly aware that RNGs were designed to be as unpredictably random as a physically shuffled deck, but for many of us, knowing the computer can’t possibly be working against us imbues a certain level of trust and comfort. Live dealer casinos are able to provide that.

Software & Compatibility

The dynamic software that powers live dealer casinos is able to provide players with an uninterrupted experience in a real-time environment. High-tech webcams deliver streaming video with HD graphics. Combined with the use of over-sized cards – which those dealer are professionally trained to handle just like standard sized cards in a regular casino – ensures players always have a clear view of all the action.

Most live dealer casinos are optimized for all operating systems, as well. This means you can play from the comfort of home, or just about anywhere you might be in the world. Compatible with desktop, mobile and tablet devices, players can snuggle up on the sofa, or take the game with them in their daily travels.

Of course, the player’s live-streaming experience will be effected by two factors; the sophistication of the software employed by the live dealer casino, and the quality of their own desktop or mobile device. It’s important that players choose the right live dealer casino. Australia punters wouldn’t want to use a computer or smartphone with a poor processor, either, or one that doesn’t have enough RAM to keep the program running smoothly.

Live Dealer Casino Australia

There are plenty of live dealer casinos that welcome Australian players. The key is to choose the one with the best live casino software on tap. In my experience, the top three providers are Evolution Gaming, Microgaming and Playtech – in that order.

Evolution Gaming has a large game variety and the software is top of the line. This company produces one thing and one thing only – live dealer games. Thus the development team focuses 100% of its attention on delivering a stellar, unparalleled product. I’ve never once experienced a single glitch, crash or even a flicker in the live stream.

Microgaming is my number two pick, although some players may not agree. The game variety is very basic, and they could stand to install a few more lights around the studio, but where else can you find professional blackjack dealers that are also genuine Playboy bunnies? And like Evolution, the software is top-notch. This is a good choice if you’re looking for traditional games like blackjack, baccarat and craps.

Playtech has the largest variety of live dealer table games on the market, which is great for anyone seeking out more unique titles to play. However, the software isn’t quite as sophisticated, and does experience occasional glitches in the video and audio stream, both on desktop and mobile.

Personally, I do the vast majority of my gaming at the Royal Vegas live dealer casino. Australia players are accepted, and they employ both Evolution and Microgaming live casino software. There’s several methods to use for AUD deposits and withdrawals, and their reputation goes back over 15 years.