27 Jan

iPod Pokies – Play Pokies on iPod

Within the iPod family, which includes the iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod shuffle, the only iPod that can play pokies is the iPod touch. The 4-inch device with Retina display technology, iOS 8 and a dual-core A5 chip, is essentially an iPhone 5S without the monthly phone bill attached and is a great alternative for pokies mobile playing through a Wi-Fi Connection.


The iPod was thought to be a device that would fade away in the market with the arrival of the iPhone, which is priced the same as the iPod. However, consumers enjoy the fact that they can essentially own an iPhone without the $70 phone bill every month and make use of connecting through Wi-Fi where they can send emails, call on Skype and text via Internet messaging apps such as Line and What’s App.


Apple also recognized the device may also be the perfect solution for gamers looking to download apps and play on them offline in order to save on cellular bills and be free from call distractions and checking email. The device acts as an upgraded Gameboy in a sense and is more or less pushed by Apple as a handheld gaming device minus iPhone expenses. The iPod touch has specs that support mobile gaming and the Retina display technology brings about fine detail otherwise not found even on newer smartphones.


Some people are cautious about what they put on their phones and instead prefer a device where pictures, games and photos are stored separately. The iPod touch is a great alternative for this and also allows for optimal gaming safety through iOS software and other Apple protection. Users also have more flexibility to design the shell through a variety of color options and engrave certain phrasings to make it seem like a more personalized device, one of which Apple believes touches the heart for gamers.


Pokie players love to play on Apple devices and it is no wonder that this device has caught the attention of both beginner and long-term players who like to play. In fact, if you want to have a backup device where no one knows how much you are spending on pokies and is kept at home for that specific purpose, this device is for you. Never mind getting caught by the misses for having a little fun again!


Otherwise, if you have a child and s/he wants to try some free gaming or perhaps some other prepaid gaming then this device is good for you. Giving the child a phone may say too much and would also be too costly if you didn’t sign a 2-year contract. Meanwhile, other handheld devices do not connect online or if so, not as smoothly as an Apple device, yet alone have access to the amount of data and games available. Storage and performance are also sacrificed on other devices.


If pokies or gaming is not your thing and you are looking for a device to listen to music, consider iPod nano or even iPod shuffle as they are cheaper and cater more to these aspects. Regardless of what device you purchase, the iPod is still a focus for Apple and there is still a market for the device.