16 Apr

Apple to reveal new Mac OS X and iOS 9 at WWDC 15 in June

Apple WWDC 15 to showcase iOS 9 and new Mac OS XApple product gurus and tech geeks around the nation are gearing up for the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, where the company is expected to reveal its latest products. Ostensibly, they will include the highly anticipated disclosure of the iOS 9 platform, and a new Mac OS X as well.

Apple’s WWDC 15 is scheduled to be held from June 8-12 at its usual Moscone West location, located in San Francisco, California’s largest convention and exhibition complex, the Moscone Center (747 Howard Street). According to the company, this year’s conference will feature “more than 100 technical sessions”, and “over 1,000 Apple engineers”, as well as hands-on labs and the annual Apple Design Awards.

Expectations for Apple iOS 9

Much like the latest iOS 8.3 update, rumors has it that innovation in the new iOS 9 platform will be primarily based on fixes to existing bugs, optimization of current features and stabilization to the system, as opposed to tweaking the design or implementing new features. Reports indicate that engineers have been working hard on fixing several known issues plaguing users of the iOS 8 since last year’s release, while improving the overall performance and speed.

When iOS 8 first launched, users complained of an inordinate amount of bugs in the system. They included everything from slow internet speeds and WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity issues, to glitches in screen rotation, rapid battery drain and inoperable Touch ID services. The latest iOS 8.3 update, released last week, was meant to fix some of those issues, but for many users, the complaints continue.

Word around the water cooler is that Apple is also trying to make its iOS 9 platform and subsequent service updates more efficient and less space-invasive. As many of you will remember, upon the release of iOS 8, users were required to have 4.7GB of free space to upgrade their iPhones, and 6.9GB free for iPads. Those with a 16GB device were hard pressed to delete much of their content in order to make room for the upgrade. If the rumors are true, that won’t be an issue when converting to Apple iOS 9.

Expectations for the new Mac OS X

Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t leaked any news regarding the upcoming launch of a new Mas OS X, destined to replace the current OS X Yosemite edition. Having titled their last two versions, 10.8 “Maverick” and 10.9 “Yosemite“, it’s at least safe to say Apple is finally getting away from branding that referenced large, carnivorous felines (OS 10.0, “Cheetah“, 10.1: “Puma“, 10.2: “Jaguar“, 10.3: “Panther“, 10.4: “Tiger“, 10.5: “Leopard“, 10.6: “Snow Leopard“, 10.7: “Lion“, 10.8: “Mountain Lion“).

When can we get our hands on Apple’s iOS 9?

For the last few years, Apple Inc. has been very consistent with the annual release times of its iPhone and iPad operating system upgrades, known as iOS, and the WWDC has historically been the playground for showcasing the technology of each new launch.

In 2012, iOS 6 was revealed at WWDC and released later that year in September. iOS 7 came in Sept. 2013, followed by iOS 8 in Sept. 2014. Thus it’s fairly safe to assume that the unveiling of iOS 9 at this year’s developers conference will be followed by its release three month own the road.