11 Feb

iCloud for Pokies and Gambling – Potential Benefits

iCloud services from Apple are part of the company’s strategy to lock a place in the cloud computing segment, which is expected to be the next major step for developing hardware devices such as smartphones, tablets and notebooks in order to make the devices thinner, lighter and more affordable.


The theory behind cloud computing is that all information, including photos, music and login details can be stored in a secure account that essentially exists digitally in the clouds. Imagine that you could keep all your photos in an email account that is accessible by your device of choice but without the hassle of having to download the file of an individual email to access it. That is what cloud computing is all about, and the services propose eliminating memory drives that take up space, are expensive to embed in PCs, and cause devices to be heavier than they could be.


Apple currently offers such cloud computing services for both its Apple products as well as Windows-based products in order to push seamless file transfers and access across its iOS software platform iTunes. iTunes is one of Apple’s leading drivers of revenue, coming from both Apple and non-Apple products that use it to download and access music, movies and TV shows, and serves as the basis for creating iCloud.


For pokies playing and gamblers alike, we see some benefits to using the technology. First off, if you are a gambler on the go who uses more than one device to access accounts from platforms such as Royal Vegas than you may have run into issues logging in where certain verification is needed. This is to ensure that the same person trying to log in on an iPhone from XXX location is the same person that was playing perhaps 2 hours earlier on a PC at XXX location. Without this security measure fraud cases could potentially rise and gamblers may be torn away from using online platforms.


In order to get around this issue, iCloud has all your info stored and knows where you want to log in as you can assign login data for various sites to be saved and accessed on the devices of your choice. When you sign up for iCloud you will go through a verification process for all the devices you want to access a certain account. Once that is completed you can save login data and then carry on with your playing. Only this time, once you choose to switch devices at a whim you simply pick it up and enter the site title. iCloud will know it is you and you will avoid any mishaps from not being able to log in.


What makes Apple’s iCloud services even more secure is accessing them through Apple devices, as mobile units such as iPad and iPhone now have fingerprint scanner technologies to ensure who it is. There are also password lock protections for iCloud as well, so if you ever lose a device you will have double security. Additionally, iCloud can trace your mobile device to its exact location if you lose it so there is also the radar aspect that is highly sought out from consumers.


Gamblers can also take advantage that Apple syncs documents so any kind of papers that may have your password or login info (we all have them) can be easily accessed. We often find that we forget our password and when it’s only stored on our PCs and we need to access it on our phones, we hit a wall. Say goodbye to this annoying factor because iCloud will allow you access the file in digital space and help you login right away.


There are also other factors such as combining music and videos to stream across your devices. Sometimes we want to listen to music while gambling and find that we don’t have a certain song on our smartphone while it’s resting away without being used on our PC. iCloud eliminates this and much more, making it an awesome tool for gambling.


Expect to see more cloud services get pushed in 2015-2016 due to developments in IoT, connectivity and overall value-added services not only from Apple but from makers across the globe.