19 May

Strategic Environment gives Mobile Games Developer Genesis an Edge

Mobile Games by Genesis GamingNo matter what business you’re in, the ability to relate to your customer and stay on top of technological trends is the key to success. For Genesis Gaming, a premier developer of land-based, online and mobile games for casino operators, working in a strategic environment has been a catalyst for achieving that goal.

James Watson is the Director of European Sales for the interactive software company. He recently sat down for an interview with internet gaming media giant, AskGamblers, to share some of the reasons he thinks his company has been so successful in producing high-quality, player-retentive games for live, online and mobile platforms.

Watson confirmed that having a head office in Las Vegas gives the staff access to “extensive knowledge” about what players desire most, right from the heart and soul of today’s gambling industry. But there’s more to it than that, according to Watson.

“Our staff not only create slot games but also enjoys them as well, delivering insights on current games and trends. We can submerge ourselves into the Las Vegas environment and understand the game experience from the player’s perspective,” he said.

A few hundred miles to the north, the prominent mobile games developer also positioned an office in Vancouver; or “the Silicon Valley of Canada“, as Watson calls it. He said all manners of game-related technology companies, from start-ups to long-established manufacturers, “have a significant presence in this city.”

So not only is Genesis Gaming getting direct info on what customers want in online and mobile games, they have a leg up on the technology wheel to keep them ahead of (or at least aligned with) their competition.

Machine Gun Unicorn 2?

Machine Gun Unicorn SlotA perfect example was the company’s 2015 release of a very unique and highly amusing mobile slot called ‘Machine Gun Unicorn‘. The absurdity of the theme, which essentially combines ‘My Little Pony‘ with something you’d expect to see from eccentric film producer Quentin Tarantino, was an enormous success, especially with millennials.

“There was a lot of buzz leading up to the release of Machine Gun Unicorn slot, and I would say that we did not disappoint anyone,” Watson said proudly. “Players were very excited with the final game and we received a lot of positive feedback to its unique theme and quick game play. We consider it a great success, and a benchmark for all our games going forward!”

He also confirmed – much to the delight of interactive slots gamers everywhere – that Genesis is “creating a follow up title” to the fast-paced video slot, which was named a finalist in ICE Totally Gaming‘s ‘2015 Game to Watch‘.

“Expect the same quirky sensibility of Machine Gun Unicorn with a new twist on the theme,” said Watson.

Superiority By Design

As for how the online and mobile games company comes up with its unique themes, Watson said it’s a collaborative effort among their Las Vegas, Vancouver and London offices. By brainstorming across three very different demographics, with each team specializing in their own abilities and research techniques, they’re constantly able to “see what’s trending among players”, and build upon that knowledge.

“Games are constantly evolving, especially in the online space, and we like to create unique themes and pair them with innovative game play mechanics to deliver a superior game play experience,” said Watson.

As for the future, Genesis has lots of plans, including a progressive slot slated for release later this year, and a greater focus on the social side of the mobile games market.