15 Dec

Gaming Benefits on Mac: Take your Gambling to the Next Level

As devoted Mac users on a Mac heavy site, we’re biased when it comes to our favorite computer and operating system, but it’s a bias that comes from years of using Windows and then realizing just how superior macs are in every single way. It’s true that Macs can’t play all of the games or load all of the software that Windows can, but that’s the fault of the individual developers and not Apple. It has no bearing on the quality of the operating system at all, and the simple fact is that everything from web browsing to playing games is easier and better on a Mac. In this article we’ll look at why online gambling, such as poker rooms and casinos, is also better on a Mac.

There was a time when you couldn’t find any casino software for Macs, but that’s changed. These days most people have at least one Apple device, and the world is beginning to understand the value of the Mac OS in its many forms. All of the best casinos and poker rooms now have Mac versions, and those that don’t offer browser versions instead, where users can simply play through their web browser.

One of the reasons to choose Macs over Windows is that casino software can be bundled with spyware and adware. Much of it is not malicious, but it is very annoying and for a place where you deposit and withdraw a lot of money, it is also very worrying. Windows is notorious for security flaws, and although it is actually a little bit more secure than Mac, Windows is by far the dominant force, which means that all of the adware and other programs are made solely for this operating system. For the same reason, Macs are much less likely to have viruses or easily accessible backdoors, which means the chances of your financial information being accessed and stolen once the software is loaded are greater for Windows than for Mac. This is more of an all-round problem than one that concerns casino software directly, but if you use such software then it means you input and store sensitive financial data on your computer, so you want to make sure it’s safe.

Macs also tend to be less-weighted down than Windows, and computers that come preinstalled with the Windows software are often bundled with dozen of useless and memory-draining programs that simply get in the way. In general, this lack of background activity should make gaming on a Mac much more streamlined than on a Windows machine, but of course this often depends on the individual user, and those with a little technical ability will know how to rid their PC of useless software.

Another key benefit is the Mac Trackpad, which makes everything so much easier. Many people who use Windows’ laptops tend to revert to plugging in a mouse, but Mac users are happy to stick with the Trackpad. Single-clicking and double-clicking is as easy as if you had a mouse; scrolling and zooming is as simple as if you were using a tablet; and you can swap screens, change apps and more, as if you were using a smartphone.

Generally, Macs are easier to use than Windows. Apple’s goals have always been centered on ease of use, and they pride themselves on stylish simplicity, and on an interface that is aesthetically pleasing and can be learned and mastered by anyone in no time. This makes online gambling accessible for an older generation that have yet to take their first steps into the technological age. The stereotype of a slot machine player is of an older woman bent over a machine from morning until night, feeding coins and staring almost transfixed at the rolling numbers; these gamblers do exist and are in the majority. For such people online gambling can be a great alternative, and with a Mac they will be able to pick up a laptop and get straight into it, without needing any assistance from frustrated grandchildren.

So, whether you’re young, computer literate and looking for a quicker and safer way to gamble online, or whether you’re a little older and want to find an alternative to gambling at a smoke-filled casino, then a Mac is by far your best bet.