5 Apr

Mysterious Treasure Trail Promo at EuroPalace Online Casino

Treasure Trail at Euro Palace Online CasinoWe’re all used to the typical promotions offered by most of today’s online casino websites. First time deposit bonuses, matching reload offers, the occasional leaderboard competition – these are all common. But when something more distinctive comes along – something with an air of mystique – it’s worth talking about.

The latest promotion from Euro Palace falls into that category. It’s called The Treasure Trail, and members of the online casino are encouraged to follow the maze-like path to unlock a multitude of rewards on their way to locating the ‘Secret Garden‘, where an abundance of wealth awaits.

According to Euro Palace, prizes are guaranteed to all participants, and as any gambler will tell you, guarantees are a rarity in the casino realm. When they do come along, we take what we can get – in this case, a series of “weird and wonderful things” like free spins, match bonuses and 2x Rewards points.


How to Traverse the Maze

Follow the Treasure Trail at Euro PalaceIn order to take part in the Treasure Trail promotion, members of the online casino are asked to do nothing more than what they would normally do – log into Euro Palace and play any of their favorite games. Doing so generates Rewards points, which keeps players moving along the maze route.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, you’ll need to opt-in to the promotion. This is done by clicking the ‘Guaranteed Prizes‘ link that appears in the Euro Palace lobby. You can read over the basic details of the Treasure Trail promotion here, then click ‘Take me there!‘ to enter the maze.

Each time a player reaches a distinguishable marked point in the maze map, they will receive a prize. It could be anything from a handful of free spins on your favorite slot machine, to a match bonus on your next deposit, or even a double-up on reward points for a specific amount of time.

The Wishing Well

As you earn Reward points, you’ll not only be traversing the pentagonal maze, you’ll also be filling up a Wishing Well. For this reason, 2x Reward points can be one of the most beneficial prizes in this promotion, as it can move you through the maze, and fill the Wishing Well, at twice the speed.

It takes 100 Rewards points to fill the Wishing Well to maximum capacity, and once that happens, a most bountiful prize will be awarded. The online casino isn’t revealing any specifics, but as Euro Palace blogger Cassie put it, once the well is full, “it will burst gloriously with a bonus prize for you.”

The Secret Garden

The ultimate goal is to reach the secret garden at the end of the Treasure Trail. Opening the mysterious door to the garden will grant the player a “choice of bonuses to pick from”. Again, Euro Palace isn’t divulging any of the garden’s secrets, but we can be fairly certain all of the choices will greatly supersede the prizes awarded throughout the myriad corridors of the maze.

What’s the Catch?

There are a few stipulations you’ll want to be aware of. First off, players are able to claim just one prize per day, so keep moving and choose wisely! The promotion lasts through April, 2016, so you should have plenty of time to get to the end.

Also make sure to facilitate at least one minimum deposit during each round of the promotion to qualify for prizes. And as always, read the fine print on any bonuses you receive to see what kind of wagering requirements and withdrawal terms may be associated.