28 Jul

Casino VR – Just Poker now, but Future of Casino Gambling to come

Casino VR PokerThe interactive gambling industry has grown immensely in the last two decades. From slow online casino games on dial-up modems, to the expedient and portable mobile gaming technologies we use today, innovation has always been the name of the game. As for the future of the industry, Casino VR is paving a new path of virtual reality casino gambling.

Casino VR was created in mid-2014 by a group of young technology developers based out of Sacramento, California, who were intrigue by the virtual reality capabilities of the then-new Oculus Rift headgear. The software has since developed into Casino VR Poker, an online, interactive poker site that gives players the ultimate virtual reality poker experience.

At present, Casino VR Poker is limited to Texas Hold’em poker games, but with a stunning twist that draws players out of the norm and into an immersive world of interactive gaming, where they can see and interact with other players around one of 6 poker tables while competing in cash games or any of the site’s daily poker tournaments.

Power of Virtual Reality Casino TechnologyThrough the powerful technology of Oculus Rift and GearVR, the movements of a player’s head and hands are mimicked in the VR casino world. When a player reaches out for chips and tosses them into the pot, it actually happens. When a player’s head fidgets, shifting to look at their own stack, the pot, then their opponent’s chip stack before making a decision, other players witness this movement, bringing common poker tells found in a live game into the virtual world.

The technology is so advanced that when a player looks at the pot, it’s value appears on the screen. Likewise, looking at your own chip stack shows it’s value, just as looking at another player’s stack reveals theirs.

Casino VR Poker brings the game to life with an expansive, true-to-form casino environment and spatial voice chatting between players. It’s a fully functional multiplayer poker experience, cross compatible with Oculus Rift headgear and GearVR, that truly imitates a live casino poker experience.

Casino VR is the Future of Gaming

While the gaming variety is currently limited to multiplayer poker games, the future is wide open, and Casino VR’s developers are working diligently to expanding into other forms of virtual reality casino gambling.

“Casino VR is going to change the gaming industry by creating a Virtual Reality experience that simulates playing in a real casino,” says Casino VR. Imagine being in a real life casino: have a drink at the bar, interact with others or enjoy any casino game you like. Now all of that is possible from the comfort of your home.”

While there’s no timeline for the launch of other Casino VR games, based on those statements, it’s safe to say that all types of casino gambling will soon be available in the virtual reality world. Slot machines, video poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, three card poker, pai gow poker, even craps tables with a raucous crowd of enthusiastic players is possible – all through the power of virtual reality.

The future of casino gambling is here, my friends, and it’s only going to get better over time. Technology continues to advance, game developments are progressing rapidly, and before we know it, VR headsets will be as mainstream as computers and smartphones.