27 Mar

2017 Best Games for Mac, $0-15

Did you get a new Mac for Christmas or your birthday? Maybe you’re a long-time Mac owner looking for some updated gaming action. Whether you’ve got a little money to spend, or no money at all, we’ll take a look at the best Mac games 2017 has to offer, all priced $15 and under.

Like most years, the 2017 best games for Mac include an eclectic variety of titles. We’ve got shoot’em ups, sports games, some old-school Metroid-style gaming, a bit of survival-based horror, and even some real money gambling for the 21 and over.

Best Mac Game 2017 – Detention ($12)

Detention 2017 Best Games for MacThis game didn’t sound like much when it first launched in January, but it’s quickly become the conversational rage of the new year. Available from Steam for $12, Detention is a survival-based horror game that takes the player back in time to Taiwan, circa 1960.

Integrating Buddhism, Taoism and Chinese mythology to localize and thicken the eerie plot, this game revolves around a pair of students who are trapped within a creepy old school, compelled to explore its shadowy corridors in hopes of escaping with their lives. If you like the dramatic horror genre, it is easily one of the 2017 best games for Mac.

Best Mac Games 2017 – Guts & Glory ($10)

Guts and Glory 2017 Best Games for MacGruesome and demented meets humorous family fun in Guts & Glory, one of the strangest and delightfully explosive titles for Mac gamers. It features a father-and-son duo who traverse deadly landscapes, teeming with everything from spikes and land mines to whirling saw blades, all while racing through the terrain a tandem bicycle. A series of gore-filled, laugh-out-loud death animations await!

Best Mac Games 2017 – Forma.8 ($15)

Forma.8 2017 Best Games for MacAmong the 2017 best games for Mac is Forma.8, a fantastic title that any old-school gamer can appreciate. Stylized in the fashion of classic 2D mystery/shooters like Castlevania and Metroid, players blast through their enemies and solve puzzles while upgrading their weapons and unlocking the secrets of the game.

This isn’t a game for hard core action seekers, but there’s a large crowd out there that will surely appreciate the mysterious singularity and increasing degree of difficulty in logical thinking.

Best Mac Games 2017 – Karate Basketball ($0)

Karate Basketball 2017 Best Games for MacShut Up & Slam Jam Karate Basketball is a sports gaming trial in hilarity. The plot is simple enough. Court managers double scheduled the time slot for a karate tournament and basketball. Easy solution – combine the two.

The graphics are low grade, but the sounds effects are great. The announcers makes comedic calls as players use various karate moves to steal the ball and debilitate their opponents. This one’s not only free for Mac, it’s a slam dunk!

Best Mac Games 2017 – Royal Vegas Casino ($0)

Royal Vegas Casino 2017 Best Games for MacFor the more adventurous risk-takers out there, Royal Vegas Casino provides an instant-play (no download) real money gambling experience. With hundreds of games, including pokies, blackjack, roulette, video poker and even live dealer tables, there’s enough titles to peak everyone’s interest.

While Royal Vegas Casino is absolutely free, and does provide a free practice-play mode, users will have to make a deposit if they want to play for real money. Note that it comes with a welcome bonus of up to $1,200 to boost a player’s starting bankroll.

Established in 2000, Royal Vegas is one of the oldest, most reputable and wholly secure internet gambling websites in the business, making it a top pick among 2017 best games for Mac.