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Bar Bar Black Sheep 3 Reel Pokies Review

More than a decade ago, Microgaming released a farcical 3 reel pokies game called Bar Bar Black Sheep. As you might imagine, it’s a pun on the old nursery rhyme, taking a comically cartoon-ish theme and turning it into one of the most popular 3 reel classics ever launched.

Bar Bar Black Sheep 3 Reel Pokies

Please note that this Bar Bar Black Sheep review is based on the original 3 reel pokies released in the mid 2000’s, not the 5 reel sequel launched by Microgaming in 2016. With that said, let’s take a look at what this simple but entertaining online pokies game has to offer.

Bar Bar Black Sheep Pokies Review

Despite its somewhat antiquated release, Bar Bar Black Sheep is available for desktop and mobile play, thanks to the conversion to HTML5 a few years back. It also has excellent graphics, due to the cartoon style aspect, which doesn’t require any special HD upgrades to maintain clear and vibrant imagery.

This 3 reel pokies game offers only a single payline, giving it a simplicity that some players genuinely appreciate – especially compared to some of today’s excessively feature filled games, known to be more confusing than they are profitable.

Symbols, Wilds and Jackpots

As the name implies, Bar Bar Black Sheep Pokies is loosely themed around the nursery rhyme. The symbols include the Black Sheep, White Sheep, Sacks of Wool, and a trio of Single, Double and Triple Bars.

The Black Sheep is the Wild. When this symbol appears, it takes the place of any other symbol needed to create a winning combination, and also has the power to triple all winnings it helps to create.

Bar Bar Black Sheep 3 Reel Pokies PaytableThe only time the 3x payout rule doesn’t apply is when the Black Sheep Wild appears in the center of the third reel, with a pair of Single Bars in front of it. This combination – derived from the name, Bar + Bar + Black Sheep – will release the game’s Jackpot, paying up to 1,600 coins.

It’s strongly recommended to bet the max 3 coins at all times in this 3 reel pokies game. Doing so guarantees the highest possible jackpot payout of 1,600 coins. Players will only win 500 coins with a 1 coin wager, or 1,000 coins with a 2 coins wager, so the bonus payout of 1,600 (as opposed to an evenly multiplied 1,500) is worth it, if you can afford the minimum $0.60 wager ($0.20 per coin) to do so.

Aside from the jackpot, the highest payouts with a 3 coin bet come from lining up 3 White Sheep (150 coins), 3 Triple Bars (90 coins), 3 Double Bars (60 coins) and 3 Triple Bars (30 coins). Just landing 3 of any bars across the single payline will pay 15 coins, as will a trio of Wool Sacks. Any two wool sacks on the line is worth 12 coins, while any single Wool Sack pays 6 coins.

Bar Bar Black Sheep – Overall

Is this a good game that’s worth playing? I think so. I’ve had good luck on this title on numerous occasions. Sometimes, playing a game that’s overloaded with features and hundreds of paylines is more entertaining, but when you’re in the mood for something simple and easy to understand, Bar Bar Black Sheep pokies is a great choice.

Like most 3 reel pokies, it has a medium variance. It won’t pay out every other spin, but when it does, the winnings tend to be higher.