13 Feb

Apple is Focused on Smart Home Connectivity More than You Think

While Apple is known for creating seamless solutions between Mac OSX and iOS devices and typically pushes its presence through products such as the iPhone and iPad, the company stays relatively quiet about the accessories and other concepts it supports. In fact, there are so many accessories on the Apple website that point to developments regarding smart connectivity in the home sector that it almost seems the company could hold a separate event to describe them.


Below is a list of products and concepts found on Apple’s accessories page that promote smart living. We think they are a great way for the Apple enthusiast to bump up safety in the household as well as create a more connected environment, something of which will be a major topic for makers from 2015 onwards as the IoT industry flourishes.


Nest Learning Thermostat


One of the most unique features of this device aside from Apps that can control functions via Wi-Fi connection and AC reduction when it is already cool enough inside a given area is the energy history and report it provides. Promoting reduced Co2 emissions and reduced energy costs, you can set the device to report updates on temperature, energy usage and humidity levels in different areas of the home. While Nest is not an Apple product, the company seems to believe in its concept.


iSmartAlarm Home Security System


This system allows people to actively lock, unlock and check the open or closed status of a door, cabinet or lock at any given time via an Internet or Wi-Fi connection. Imagine being able to let a neighbor come in to help you fix something damaged while you are away or allowing a housekeeper to enter at your discretion. Having this smart device achieves such goals through an easy setup. However, note that the device is controlled through an Internet or Wi-Fi connection, so this means if your Internet goes down then the system may as well so it is worth looking into alternative options for keeping the device up and running even if a connection drops. Presently, Apple and other vendors need to work on this more so we suggest using the device for selective items rather than for your main house security.




This device is not an Apple product but was designed for iOS applications with the aim to provide real-time status for grilled foods. The device comes equipped with two different cameras that can be placed to let you see the color of meat as it is being cooked and also provides temperature updates to let you know whether something is being overcooked or undercooked. Forget having to open the grill lid every few minutes to see how your steaks are and let this device do the work for you. It is a great smart solution for the kitchen that can be accessed via Wi-Fi and Internet connections on pretty much all iOS applications.


Rachio Smart Sprinkler


The smart sprinkler from Rachio allows the modern-day gardener and lawn maintenance person to upkeep their yards and environment via smart solutions on their iOS mobile and OSX Mac devices. Simply open the app and adjust the water amount and time spent watering a certain object. You can also set timers and operate the system when you are away, making it one of the best solutions for home care on the market.


Apple in fact doesn’t own these products but has them listed on their accessories page. We hope that in the future Apple will have its own section dedicated to smart home and living going into 2015 and 2016 as it will greatly expand its ecosystem and give value to its products.