10 Feb

Apple Accessories for Pokies Playing – Editors Pick

At Mac Pokies we like to review the latest trends and developments related to mac and pokies, so for this article we thought we would talk about our favorite mac pokies


Magic Trackpad


The Magic TrackPad is a great way to feel like you are playing live pokie slots at a casino. Certain sites such as Royal Vegas allow you to swipe reels with the pad as well as throw down different hands of cards and dice if you choose one of their gambling rooms. The device also allows for quick and easy zoom in and zoom out features, which make it a great substitute for a mouse and keyboard for some applications. Pokies aside, many people use the device to control their Apple TV and PowerPoint presentations on various Apple devices. The accessory is relatively affordable and adds value to online pokies playing.




High-quality headphones that allow you to hear your slots playing clearly add to the real casino feel. If you use computer speakers that is fine but putting on a set of Beats or the like allows you to hear reels loud and clear, with jackpot and bonus winning announcements increasing in excitement as well. Yamaha also has a nice lineup of in-ear professionally made earphones/headphones and Apple’s standard pair will also do the trick, but investing in a full pair is your best bet to make use of the sound.


Blu-ray protection film


Ever notice that your eyes get tired after looking at a computer screen for too long? A major reason for that is due to the amount of blue-ray lighting your eyes soak up from the screen. Most computers including Macs do not do the best job of protecting their users’ eyes, something we hope will change as of 2015 with advancements in display technology, so adding a layer of anti- blue-ray film for protection will help a lot. Usually such film doesn’t cost more than $20 so it won’t break the bank.


A Timer


Most likely your computer has a timer on it but if not make use of one of Apple’s timer features located in the applications settings. Most people do not take advantage of this and let their pokies playing run too far or beyond their financial limits. Time yourself to make sure you do not fall victim to this and use Apple’s built-in services to make it simple.


A Portable Stand


Apple offers many portable stands on its accessories portion of its website that are meant to help lift devices such as notebooks and tablets higher in the air for improved viewing. Many people suffer from back pain as a result of improper posture during lengthy periods of computer use and this can be greatly improved if your device is lifted higher in the air to eye level. You can make up for the difference in height from your hands with a wireless keyboard if necessary. After doing so you will experience your spine straightening out and your overall energy improving.